What To Look For In A Family Resort In Phuket

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The Phuket province in Thailand is one of the most ideal places to spend your next memorable vacation with the entire family. Consisting of the larger island of Phuket and several smaller tropical islands just waiting to be explored, this province is one of the true gems of the Andaman Sea, comprising an area of almost 600 square kilometers.

The Best Size and Location

So where specifically should you consider going when it comes to selecting the right location in Phuket? While several resorts and villas can provide you with good enough service and access to all the most important amenities and accommodation options required for your children and family, the best locations are those close to the Rawai beachfront – a gorgeous tropical area where the infrastructure can provide you with everything you need.

Although Rawai is not a beach where you can take a quick swim whenever you please, it features plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and even gyms. Also, taxi and boat taxi transport services can take you just about anywhere you want to go, and the relaxing sunset trips to Promthep Cape are definitely an excellent highlight.

All the Right Rooms and Amenities for the Entire Family

Phuket is a place where you can enjoy true luxury at a fair price, and if you visit here, you should look for nothing less. The most essential features and amenities to look for, if you’re visiting with your entire family, should include luxury swimming pools, green areas with all the most fascinating tropical trees and plans ready to be explored, concert areas, waterslides and, of course, indoor and outdoor playgrounds for the children.

Parks and green areas are particularly important and a great asset for family time. They can offer plenty of fun activities such as family buffets, various kids’ games and even magic shows in the weekend. Be sure to check out some of the exciting family excursions and charters available in the area as well.

Also, if you want great amenities and real luxury, some of the villas in this area of Phuket are particularly well-built and desirable. You should check for resorts that offer as many family friendly services as possible, along with professional assistance offered as part of their all-inclusive benefits. Separate bedrooms and bathrooms, barbecues, 24/7 reception service and many other great benefits are in store for you, if you choose the Rawai part of the island.

Comfortable Accommodations and Reliable Services

The villas in Phuket should undoubtedly be some of your first choices when it comes to selecting the right environment for your family and kids.

It will typically be easy to find large bedroom villas with luxurious interior décor and quick access to all the best outdoor areas. Also, it shouldn’t be a problem to find reliable cleaning services, bicycle rental, AC in every room and many other exceptional entertainment and accommodation benefits. Some villas are also equipped to support a flexible variety of visitors, including both single visitors and young families with children as young as 0-8 years of age.

You’ll find that the recommendations listed above will help you get the most out your vacation in Phuket. An example of a good accommodation option that meets the criteria presented here is Rawai VIP Villas Resort and Kids Park, where you can relax and enjoy the full experience of a family resort.

Patricia went to Thailand many times but this time she went to Phuket. She finds Phuket as one of the ideal places to spend your next memorable vacation with the entire family. 

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