What to See and Do While on a Transatlantic Cruise

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We love cruises. We've been on three already and have often thought about doing a transatlantic cruise to get from one place to the other. When Andrew wanted to write about it, we were keen to read it! 

Taking a transatlantic cruise is an excellent way to see some of the most enchanting parts of the world in comfort and style. This is a great way for families to spend time together while seeing the world as most cruises come complete with a wide range of family entertainment amenities on board such as kids clubs, water slides, pools and fully equipment video games rooms that children of all ages are sure to love.


Evening entertainment such as special cabaret and magic shows are also big hits with families. During the day, the whole family will have plenty of time to enjoy individual pursuits while they set sail on the open sea. Parents may want to spend time unwinding with a massage at the spa while their children play computer games or watch films in specially built cinemas.

One of the best things about transatlantic cruises is that they depart from a large number of locations including Southampton, allowing travellers to board wherever they wish. In addition to enjoying on board entertainment, travellers will also have the chance to explore some of the world’s most exciting destinations. While many cruises stop at select destinations for just a few hours, overnight stopovers are also available, which allow visitors plenty of time to really get to know the destinations of their choice.


This gives families the opportunity to see the best of the Atlantic while enjoying a relaxing cruise. New York City is one of the most popular transatlantic cruises destination and visitors who take a cruise can be sure that they arrive there feeling fully refreshed.

Many cruises also cover a large number of destinations in the Caribbean and taking a break from the cruise ship to spend time soaking up the sun on a beautiful sandy beach is a popular activity among families who choose to take a transatlantic cruise. Water sports are also available, while diving and snorkelling trips offer families the chance to explore the vibrant underwater world, which is teeming with colourful coral and marine life.


The great thing about Transatlantic cruises is that you can tailor make them to suit the needs of yourself and your family. There is so much to do on the cruise ship they you can spend the entire trip unwinding on board if you wish, while families who have a strong sense of adventure may prefer to take a few days out to trek through the jungle or arrange a guided tour of a Caribbean island.

Wherever it goes, whatever you do the chance of being bored is next to zero. For you and your kids.

Andres Ong is an advertising executive currently working for a full service Digital Agency. One of his passions is travelling to different places around the world, writing about his many adventures and mishaps while exploring life's myriad secrets. He plans to compile all his works into a book he seeks to publish in the near future.

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