Here is what you need to know about Canada’s eTA

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Visit the Polar Bear capital of the world and make sure not to miss the Northern Lights while you are at it. Oh, and don't forget the Niagara Falls as well, and the magnetic city of Toronto and, well you get the picture. Visiting Canada means experiencing life to the fullest. Just make sure you remember applying for your Electronic Travel Authorization, eTA for Canada before heading out. Here is what you need to know.

What exactly is an eTA?

At its most basic, an eTA is an entry requirement for foreign nationals traveling to Canada by air. To make the documentation more travel friendly, the eTA is also electronically linked to each individual traveller’s passport and once you have your eTA it will be valid for up to five years. It is then possible to visit Canada for a generous six months at a time. This will allow travellers to truly enjoy this spectacular landscape for a proper amount of time, which is good considering the vast geographical area that is at your disposal when visiting the Great White North.

Before you book your trip, remember to check eligibility

Most travellers going to Canada will need an eTA before visiting the country but there are some exceptions. That’s why it’s important to check in which category of travellers you belong to in terms of eligibility before you book your trip. For example, visa-exempt foreign travellers need to have an eTA when flying to or are scheduled to transit through Canada. This excludes however travellers entering the country by boat, car or bus. Certain groups of travellers may be eligible for an eTA and others need not apply at all, the criteria for each group are specified on the application form.

How to apply

Applying online for your eTA means filling out a simple application that takes very little time and most applicants receive note of their approved eTA within minutes of completing the online form. If you for some reason is asked to supply additional document, then the application process might take a little longer however. The online visa application process has been streamlined to make sure travellers encounter as little hassle as possible when trying to obtain their visa and it has proven to be a very successful concept.

Tick all the boxes

The online application process to obtain an eTA for Canada is incredibly convenient and it it’s important to make sure to have your visa before travelling. If you have any questions about the visa process or if you want to know how to avoid the most common mistakes made, there are clear-cut guidelines on the application website. Applying for your visa has never been easier and there is really no reason to delay your travel plans any longer, visit Canada today and experience the adventure of a lifetime. 

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