Why Choose Jackson Hole For Your Next Ski Vacation

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We've been to Jackson Hole which has a reputation as one of the best skiing regions of North America... for good reason. It's gorgeous and the slopes are amazing.

A ski vacation is something that most of us can enjoy only once a year, so choosing the right destination for your next trip is an essential and also very daunting task. Whether you are a beginner skier or you already know what it is like to get that adrenaline pumping while you are descending on the steepest slope winding amidst stunningly beautiful scenery, Jackson Hole will convince you that making the right choice is not that overwhelming. Considered to have some of the best skiing and snowboarding courses in the entire country and offering wonderful opportunities to spice up your days spent skiing and snowboarding with excursions and dog sledding or sleighing, Jackson Hole in Wyoming is unique in many, extraordinary and rewarding ways and it fits the bill, whatever your ideas about the perfect skiing vacation is.

Excellent Infrastructure and Easy Access to the Resort

The resort stands alone, isolated, wedged between Wyoming’s Gros Ventre Range and Teton Mountain Range in western Wyoming, the valley’s only incorporated town being Jackson. The resort base is in Teton Village, about 10 miles from Jackson. The nearest city, Salt Lake City, is four hours away, but Jackson Hole is surrounded by excellent infrastructure that makes it easily accessible. Jackson Hole’s airport is the busiest airport in Wyoming, with major airlines operating regular flights to the town from almost all major cities in the country. After landing, you can choose from many different means of ground transport including shuttle services, taxis and car rentals to get you to the resort just a few minutes away. 

What Makes Jackson Hole So Special for Skiers and Snowboarders

You will surely be fascinated by the landscape the instant you see it – the snow-covered peaks, the cobalt-blue sky, the sparkling white snow and the promise of amazing skiing guarantee that. The area covered by the trails is huge, occupying 2500 acres of terrain on a 4,139-foot vertical drop and it is divided into two mountains, Rendezvous Mountain and Apres Vous Mountain. There are 7 different terrain parks in the area and the longest run is an astonishing 5-mile long trail, giving skiers plenty of time to enjoy the sun, the snow and the landscape on the varied slope.

When it first opened more than 50 years ago, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort became quickly known as a resort with extraordinary trails for expert skiers – the trails on Rendezvous have earned a reputation for being the most extreme imaginable and over 15% of the trails are double-diamond marked runs. The trails have been largely diversified since the resort opened decades ago, and Jackson Hole now boasts the most impressive backcountry opportunities and 133 named trails, out of which 10% are for beginners, 40% for intermediate skiers, and half of all trails for expert skiers. However, whatever your level of expertise, the terrain requires all skiers and snowboarders to pay attention to signs and warnings and to be as cautious as possible. 

There are plenty of backcountry skiing opportunities as well – if you think you can do with a little orientation from experts, you can hire an alpine guide for a day or two and find out about skiing tricks that make your vacation on these special runs even more enjoyable. The resort is in fact appreciated for operating one of the best ski schools not only in the state, but in the nation, too, so the place is an equally excellent choice for those planning to start skiing and for seasoned skiers. Snowboarders will also find what they are looking for in Jackson Hole – snowboarding is allowed on most skiing terrains and the area has snowboarding parks and a half pipe on Apres Vous Mountain.

Skiers can choose from among a dozen different lifts to get them to the top of their chosen trail – the list includes the large Bridger Gondola that rises almost 2,800 feet from Teton Village, offering passengers a scenic ride and Jackson Hole’s world-renowned aerial tram, the Big Red that takes you from the bottom at an elevation of 6,311 feet to the top at 10,450 feet in about 9 minutes.

The season in Jackson Hole is quite long, with January and February being the busiest months, attracting skiers who prefer powder snow. Whenever you choose to visit during the skiing season, though, you can be sure the snow will be of perfect quality. With an average snowfall of 475 inches per year and a base snow depth of 30 inches, all trails provide excellent snow during the entire skiing season – whatever type of snow you prefer, whatever your level of skiing and snowboarding expertise, you will surely find the trails that are better than even your wildest dream.

Other Activities You Can Enjoy in Jackson Hole

The area around Jackson offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy winter off the trails as well. You can explore this winter wonderland by participating in guided wildlife tours organized to Yellowstone, to Grand Teton National Park and to the National Elk Refuge or you can take part in a half-day dog-sledding tour. Jackson Hole is also home to the National Museum of Wildlife Art, and there are 25 other galleries you can visit, too.

Where to Stay at Jackson Hole

Teton Village, the base of the resort and the surrounding area offers plenty of accommodation. Lodging in the village and around it is varied– you can find luxury hotels, bunkhouses and small hotels run by local owners not only in Teton, but outside the base as well, with shuttle and bus connections to the mountain available from many different locations.

You can also choose to rent a villa – an excellent, comfortable and affordable solution if you decide to visit Jackson Hole with friends or you have a large family. Jackson Hole vacation rentals come in every shape and size – the villas available for rent come for great prices and they offer comfortable accommodation for 6-10 people, some villas being suitable to accommodate even more, and they are equipped with all the amenities that you need to enjoy perfect relaxation after you have spent the entire day on the slopes or exploring the natural beauties in the area.

Michael loves skiing and is always exploring new destinations where he can go skiing. This time he found something stunningly beautiful... Jackson Hole.

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