What to Do When Your WiFi Isn’t Working – A Closer Look at WiFi Antenna Boosters

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I can't count the number of times I've stayed in a hotel with WiFi that keeps dropping out. There's nothing worse! That could be a problem of the past with WiFi antenna boosters especially for travel.

If you ever went on a long trip and had to stay at a cheap motel while you rested after an exhausting day of driving, you might already know this scenario all too well: you’re in your room, trying to message your friends on social media, and sure enough the WiFi is barely working.

Now, at home, you might be able to get away with a solution like upgrading your router, moving to another room or buying a localized signal booster that you can plug into a nearby area to boost your WiFi signal. Sadly, none of those options would work too well in this case, but there is one that might: getting a versatile antenna booster. 

WiFi Boosters – A New Perspective

Before going into the option of buying a WiFi antenna booster, let’s take a look at what WiFi boosters are, in general.

To put it simply, a WiFi booster is designed to operate by boosting your WiFi signal, so you can access the internet more easily even when you’re far away from your router. There are several possible names for this type of device, including WiFi repeater and WiFi signal booster. However, they generally operate in a similar manner.

You get a box with one or two antennas on it. You plug in your box, and then check your internet. At this point, any internet speed or signal strength test you check on, it should show you that both have improved.

Why Choose an Antenna Booster?

Sadly, regular WiFi repeaters don’t work in all situations. Sometimes, your space is limited and you can’t even access the area where you should install the repeater. Other times, you have to be able to take your booster with you easily no matter what happens. If you don’t feel like a regular WiFi booster would be a good choice for you, then you might want to consider something a bit different. For example, a WiFi antenna booster is often considered superior to any of the other options available for

The great thing about these booster accessories is that they are much more practical than regular signal boosters that you’d have to plug in somewhere on the premises. They are basically what the name suggests, implying that the large part of the technology is the antenna, which you attach to your laptop to get better signal.

These antennas are specifically designed to adapt to 802.11ac, 5Ghz signals and operate through USB 3.0. They feature different dBi ratings, ranging from 2 to 5 dBi. Also, they can be surprisingly powerful, sometimes boosting a signal by as much as 300% of its original strength.

Choosing among the best antenna boosters for WiFi can be a difficult task, since there are many models out there. Aside from prospective signal strength and the price of the device, you also have to consider its size, weight and portability, as well as its ability to fully interface with your system.

Despite all the unknowns involved, it’s certainly worth it to get informed about antenna boosters and figure out which one to choose for your applications. With the right WiFi antenna booster, visiting a friend abroad or going on a long business trip will no longer be a problem, since you’ll have WiFi just about anywhere you go.

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