Family Friendly American Road Trip: The Wild West

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We love a good US roadtrip, we've done one on the East and are about to take on the Pacific North West, but the Wild West, well Jane has a great post all about that. 

The American’s are a seriously family friendly nation, and when visiting the good old US of A, expect to find most places happy to cater for and to entertain children. When heading stateside with the kids it is easy to get around the enormous country and do some serious exploring. America is renowned for road trips and to anyone wanting to get to know the different corners of this country I would advise you look into different rental car options in the USA, book yourself the best/most comfortable automobile for you and your kids, grab a map and head out on Route 69 (or any other highway).

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The Wild Wild West

America is a country which is fixated on size, big is always better in the USA and if you take a road trip through the American West you will see some tremendously big sights. The major spots to head for are Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and The Grand Tetons.

You can start your trip in Rapid City, South Dakota, there is plenty to see and do here. The kids will adore Rushmore Water Park where they can spend the day diving and sliding down thrilling water sights and you can kick back and relax in the summer sun. Rapid City is the doorway to the west, is dripping in Native American history, and will delight both young and old.

You won’t want to miss the faces of Mount Rushmore which is about 25 miles on from Rapid City but don’t forget to check out the Crazy Horse Memorial which is still a work in progress but when it is finished it will be the largest sculpture in the world, already it is a sight to behold.

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When you have finished staring at the 20 foot noses of Mount Rushmore’s residents and learning about the history of Crazy Horse it is time to get back on the road and travel to Badlands National Park. Prepare to be amazed by this vast open space and mountainous terrain. The kids will be taught about fossils, rock life and given valuable lessons in environmental care and looking after the Earth.  You can stay in Cedar Pass Lodge to try the Native American way of life and hike through the Prairie to feel at one with the wild.  Close your eyes and you will be stood amongst Cowboys and Indians as the wind whistles with history sharing its secrets. It is a fantastic spot for all ages.

You can reach Badlands on the I-90 from Rapid City.

If you are need of some relaxation drive over to the Hot Springs and take a soak in the bubbling waters, en route you can stop and take the kids into the wind caves, one of the longest cave systems in the world, and you can hunt for lost treasures before unwinding in the water.

This route encompasses all of the Wild West; you can hunt for Yogi in Yellowstone, join a ranger program in Grand Tetons and go wild with Buffalo Bill in a live Cowboy show in Buffalo.

All you need is a driving License and a sense of adventure.

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