How to Select the Best Company for a Yacht Charter in Greece

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For many visitors to the Hellenic islands, finding a yacht charter in Greece is of great importance. Whether you’re looking to visit the enchanting ruins of Delos, enjoy going through complex sailing itineraries, or just bask on the smooth, sandy beaches of places like Corfu and Zakynthos, it is very important to know which company to go with, what to look for in a yacht charter service, and how much you should expect to pay.

Will You Need a Crew? 

Finding a yacht charter in Greece is not that difficult, and quality services like IYC can help you find the best charter well before you’ve established your full itinerary.

The first detail you have to consider is whether or not you will actually need a crew. Going to Greece with a group of people who are used to seafaring adventures and know how to handle a yacht will give you an advantage, and the price will also be lower as a result.

However, hiring a professional crew is the best idea in almost all instances when you are not a highly skilled and experienced sailor. Even if you plan to learn to sail, it’s best to start off by hiring an experienced crew, or at least a skipper with a few experienced staff members who can keep everything safe and organized.

Moreover, even if you are an experienced sailor, spending most of your time managing the yacht and taking care of technical issues will simply not give you enough time or energy to explore Greece in its full splendor or to enjoy your holiday at all, for that matter.

Budgeting and Selecting the Right Service

Budgeting your yacht charter in Greece is also important, and finding the right company for the job is a very essential part of this point. For this purpose, consider whether you need a large or small yacht, how long your journey will be and what areas you’ll be exploring. 

The yacht charter company you hire should be able to provide you with a flexible experience, a quality yacht and a good crew that can be boarded at short notice from the area of your choice, as well as forward-thinking insight and safety-related support and advice to make sure your trip goes smoothly.

As long as these requirements are accounted for, you can easily diminish any budget-related concerns by opting out of certain luxury options and services that you might not need.

How to Charter a Yacht in Greece 

Chartering a yacht should be straightforward, and the best providers have online pages to help you charter a yacht remotely and choose all your details with ease. 

That way you can flexibly select everything from the Greek destinations you want to visit, such as Mikonos and the famous island of Santorini, or the well-known locations of Kefalonia and Zakynthos in the Ionian islands, and also select details such as your charter rate, number of guests and the length of your journey, to find relevant yachts available for chartering within seconds.

You’ll find dozens of different yachts of all shapes and sizes available to you at the press of a button, and with friendly representatives of charter companies providing you with all the flexible options you can think of for a yacht charter in Greece, you can already expect that your upcoming Greek adventure will be a very memorable and exciting one.

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