The 6 Lands of Legoland Malaysia

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Miniland: Where the kids are Godzilla.

Our first stop is Miniland. This area in the middle of the park holds over 30 million Lego pieces & took over 3 years to complete!

There are 17 different setups covering 12 different cities and their iconic landmarks. Our favourites the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat and the Petronas Towers. The Petronas Towers are 10 metres high and made out of more then 500,000 pieces of Lego. They are incredible.

I am not one for making or admiring Lego creations, but this place was amazing and so lifelike. My son especially loved the Sentosa Island merlion that squirted water at unsuspecting bystanders. In fact he spent a good half hour drenching strangers (and himself in the process).



Imagination: Where the kids can dream, make and race Lego cars.

There is a wonderful playground in here that my youngest adored. It also comes with a kids train ride that had no queues and was made just for kids.

There was a few rides here we didn’t do, but Mia and I did try our hand at the Power Tower where you pull a rope to make your seat go into the air to check out the scenic views of the park. This queue also has a Lego table with pieces in it for the kids to play with while you are waiting.

The 4D movie can also be found here. We came here during the monsoon downpour. The kids were cold and wet so we dressed them in our Legoland polos, popped their 3D glasses on and walla, cute little scientists. There are several movies you can watch throughout the day, we only saw one and it was ok.

The best bit about this section that we succumbed to in the middle of the day was the Build and Test Centre.

Caius loved making Lego cars and then racing them with all the other children in the building. While Mia found the shake tables a laugh a minute where her and I built high tables, made the table shake like a mini earthquake and cheered when the Lego survived and giggled hysterically when it didn’t.



Lego Technic: My turn to play.

We headed to Technic towards the end of the day deciding on an anti-clockwise path through the park. Here is where the park’s fastest roller coaster is called Project X. When we first lined up for it, the rain started and the ride was closed. After exiting our 4D movie and seeing the skies were no longer crying, Mia and I left Caius and Josh to the playgrounds and bolted back to Project X. My 3 year old is just over 110cm and was allowed to ride.

Funny thing about kids they have no fear of the “what if’s” and therefore a roller coaster is extremely thrilling. Myself? I was thinking the tracks are wet, it was fast, and it turned corners so tightly and was very anxious while Mia giggled her way through.

This ride was our longest wait at the park of about 15 minutes. But it was worth it. 15 corners and 18 metres high, I wish I had done it twice.

This part of the park also has a giant Albert Einstein Lego head, which is amazing… I wonder how many pieces go missing each day? Or perhaps it’s glued together?

There is also a wave racer, which is kind of like mini jet-skiing, lots of fun for Mia and I, while Caius found a small water fountain to once again get very wet in.

I did see some other rides, but we didn’t go on any others & I believe there is another aircon Lego room for older kids here too.

 IMG_5433.jpg IMG_8273.JPG DSC02937.jpg

Lego Kingdoms: Where the kids fell in love with Lego characters

This section is all castles, dragons and knights. There are Lego knights sitting under towers and Lego dragons spitting water. It really is a charming land.

Caius was too small to go on the kid’s roller coaster so Josh and Mia tried out the Merlin’s Challenge and loved it.

Then my very tall 3 year old and I decided to skip the other kid’s roller coaster and head straight to The Dragon. Through the castle and up the stairs we were quickly ushered into our spot. And that’s where we waited the longest. One of the coasters was stuck out there, they managed to get everyone off and the maintenance men were there quick smart.

It was a good 10 – 15 minutes before the staff was riding the coaster and when they came back alive we were allowed on. Of course by now I was freakin out! The coaster goes through a little Lego tunnel with dragons and magicians. My 3-year is not a fan of dark and scary noises and so was slightly terrified. Then the coaster gets through the tunnel and the actual coasting starts at over 60km per hour, which she loved. It was a great ride.

There is another playground in this section and a horse ride for the younger kids as well (My 90cm 2 year old was too small for this ride as well – right height, not the right age).

 IMG_5428.jpg IMG_5432.jpg  


Land of Adventure: Another favourite of mine

I didn’t even realized this land existed until at 5:45pm we saw a sign pointing to it. With 15 minutes to go we invaded this land with abandon.

Josh and I both got to go on the flume ride, which takes you up 12 metres before it drops you and you end up very wet. Great for a series of action shots from the viewing platform.

Kids enjoyed the Lost Kingdom where you sit in a car and you have a laser shooter and shoot your way through a labyrinth battling spiders, mummies and more.

By the time we finished those two the park was closed and we missed out on another very cool kids playground with shooting balls and different levels and the Beetle Bounce ride.


Lego City: My kid’s favourite land.

This is the land we started on after Minland and my 3 year old says it was her favourite. We spent most of our time at this land.

It’s like an education land with attractions such as putting out fires or powering trucks with levers.


Mia’s favourite was the Junior Driving School for 3 – 6 year olds. Including height limits. The height limits were fascinating for me with my giant children. 3 years old and 80 cm to 6 years old and 120cm. My son is 2 and over 90cm, my daughter 3 and over 110cm. Good to see he is classified close to 4 and she close to 6 haha.

Anyway they both went on the ride. Caius couldn’t work out how to do it and got some help from the very friendly staff (probably why the age is 3 not just based on height), however Mia was a pro and raced past all the other kids.

She tried to take on the Driving School, but while she had the height they weren’t convinced she was 6. 

There is an airplane ride here, which my kids loved. Josh couldn’t fit so once again staff to the rescue they offered to sit with Mia while I sat with Caius.

The Shipyard is also here, which is an amazing playground where my kids had a ball. Parents can sit on the sidelines and rest or like me run around crazy with their kids.

It is here you can also get the Lego Train around the park, which we did first to check out the layout and make new friends. You can also find the Market Restaurant here where we had lunch (see previous post).

There’s something for everyone at Legoland Malaysia. My kids were not the only ones having fun. I am so keen to revisit in a few years once the hotel & waterpark is up and running. From what I could see on the construction, it is on track and going to add so much more to an already amazing destination.

I always believe in being honest with my reviews and telling the negatives as they lie. But other then the lack of shade, in such a hot country, I cannot possibly think of one thing i did not like about Legoland Malaysia. Once the trees are grown then perhaps this won't be such an issue. Perhaps a few mist fans would also help with the heat.

Add it to your family holiday list, whether you day trip from Singapore or spend some time in Johor, you and your kids are going to have the time of your lives at Legoland Malaysia.

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Look wonderful! Although aside from the coaster definitley looks to be geared to young kids. Maybe more like 8 and under:)

Mary Nov 15th, 2012

Yes the park is aimed at children 3 - 12 years old. I imagine most of the teens spent the day between the Dragon coaster and the Project X one. I wonder if the waterpark will be aimed more at older kids?

Erin Nov 15th, 2012

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