Shopping In Penang: Queensbay Mall & Tanjung Bujong Wet Market

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You read a whole lot of shopping details in the post Searching Penang, now find more!

Yesterday we discovered the Queensbay Mall. This mall located near the airport is colossal. And Sunday’s are not the best day to visit. Our parking at 11am was a breeze. After my mother missed her flight we came back at 3pm and the parking was horrendous. Driving higher and higher and higher until finally finding a spot on the 6th floor. We also tried a Friday night, probably not the best idea either. However they do have a large fairground filled with rides and bright lights right next door that was open that evening.

Could you eat from a toilet?

Our first visit was to TBowl. A Japanese themed concept restaurant based on anything bathroom. Toilet seats, sinks for tables, shower heads on walls. The food comes out in ceramic toilets and Mia’s brown soft serve ice-cream with some syrup liquid dribbled over it looked every bit the disgusting toilet results.


The meals were not too bad, but nothing to rave about it either. The experience though had my little girl in hysterics, especially when she found a soft toy poo, which she proceeded to explore the restaurant with during our time there.

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After TBowl, which is on the third floor near the cinema, we found an indoor kids playground just opposite the same cinema. It was 15MYR entry each (AUD$4.80) and $1 for a pair of socks. The kids are allowed inside parent free. The staff took our name and number and suddenly Josh and I found ourselves free to roam the mall childfree!

We checked out sports stores, clothes shops, grocery shopping, found a lovely bakery and then the jackpot. A store selling all kind of lollies, dried fruit, biscuits and other nibbles with free samples. Giant containers filled with food and a small container in each with cut up pieces for trying. We tried several stranger foods, as well as the popular gummy bears and sugar jellies.


We knew the kids would love this place, so we went back upstairs and detached them from the playground to come see it. They had a blast trying all the different foods and feeding on lollies. We bought a bag of dried pineapple and some jellies, although I was partial to the tapioca BBQ chips. I left the store full and so over lollies, but had to claim it as one of the best places to take kids in Penang. 

It was during this shopping trip my mum was due to arrive in Penang. As we stood in the arrival hall waiting for her, my best friend in Australia vibers me and over a broken line says, “your mum…. missed flight… check facebook.” Beep, beep, beep.

Sure enough my Mum who we were there to meet at 2:30pm was now due at 5pm. We all clambered back into the car and headed back to the mall.

The surrounding area of the mall has many restaurants including TGI Friday and a real lovely beach view of the bridge. There is only one massage shop, but plenty of nail shops. There is also several jewellery stores with real gold (finally). I also noticed lots of swim stores too, so another place to add to the list.

Tanjung Bujong Wet Market

Today we discovered very close to us a wet market. Delicious vegetables in bright colours and an abundant variety. Fresh fruit, good quality and a delightful lady who could tell how ripe each piece were and when it was good to eat. 3 bags of fruit including watermelon, apples, kiwi, plums, grapes, oranges and pears set us back just over $10.00


There is also meat, fish, clothes and jewellery for sale as well as a cheap place to eat. Josh decided to finally try the bold yellow egg tart that we have seen everywhere and fell in love with the 30-cent tart.

Tell us about your experiences

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I'm at the Tanjung Bungah Wet Market every week for groceries. I was really impressed one day when the fruit lady picked all the moldy grapes out of my bag before weighing it. That's customer service! Have you been by for the Tuesday Night Market there?

Michele {Malaysian Meanders} Oct 28th, 2012

@Michele - Ooooo I will go Tuesday this week, thanks!

Erin Oct 29th, 2012

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