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Snow in Singapore?

Cold blue fingers clutching at my clothes, tears dripping down his face my little son clutched me with a desperation. On the other hand: warm gloved hands and loud giggles my daughter runs away for another ride on the toboggan slope. The two extreme reactions my kids had at Snow City, Singapore.


The next day we got up early, ate our $7 breakfast from BreadTalk and train/bussed it to Snow City. When we got off the bus it was raining and we entered Snow City dripping wet. After paying $10 entry each with the kids free and hiring gloves for $2 we changed into our jeans and socks. Boots and jackets come with the entrance fee and what took ages to get ready for led to a giant let down.

Don’t get me wrong my 3-year-old loved this place. She had never seen snow before and was chucking it, making snow angels, sliding down the toboggan hill like she was born into it, but I saw a different side.

A very small room with icey snow. It couldn’t be made into snowballs and there really wasn’t that much to do. A small ice slide and then a large toboggan hill to go down on a black tire.

If your kids have never seen snow before then this would be quite a novelty for them, otherwise I would give it a miss.

Mia did love it and ended up going down the steep slope by herself over and over again until we said it was time to go. Caius was just cold and refused to wear gloves and then got extremely grumpy when his hand’s turned blue.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to take a camera in as the staff are taking multiple shots to try and get you to spend even more money on the ridiculous cost of buying photos. So no images, apologies. 

The Science Museum next door can be incorporated into the ticket for not much at all. We only visited the outside bit, which is free and I thought that was better than Snow City. Definitely worth meandering around since you are there.

The cab ride back again was a few more dollars then the whole bus/train fiasco and a lot more convenient. After a nap we headed to the Hard Rock Hotel for an arvo of pool fun and relaxation.


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Hope i will get to read one of your blog regarding your travel in Nepal.
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