You’ll Think These 26 Spellbinding Photos Of Graubünden, Switzerland Are Fake

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Come for a virtual walk with me around the canton of Graubünden in eastern Switzerland. This magical land where nature has been perfected over eons, makes a perfect backdrop for any holiday.

We visited at the beginning of Autumn (Fall) which is a visually stunning time of the year. This trip firmly planted in my mind Graubünden as one of my favourite locations on this planet. My camera received a thorough workout taking thousands of photos during our 4 days, and this collection comprises of my favourite moments.

So while I can try to recreate these scenes with keystrokes and pixels, eastern Switzerland is truly is a destination that must be experienced firsthand to be fully comprehended in all its glory.

I hope these photos inspire you as they have inspired me.

- Josh Bender


Lake Heidsee (Igl Lai) just north of the centre of Lenzerheide. The perfectly imperfect alpine reflection looks like it belongs on a postcard.

The breathtaking view from the top of Rothorn mountain, overlooking Lenzerheide, is known as "1000 Peaks" for very good reason.

That is not photoshopped - my 4-year-old son at the top of a mountain 2865 metres above sea level.

Fresh Autumn snow, clear blue skies, crisp still mountain air and warm sunshine - a lethally gorgeous combination.

Cable car station at the top of Rothorn (thank goodness we didn't have to climb all the way!)

So this is what the top of the world looks like... mountain peaks as far as the eye can see.

We could just sit here all day and enjoy the view. You can see the lake, Heidsee (Igl Lai), at the bottom of the mountain.

The only thing that would make the view even better is a bench to sit on... oh wait, now it's perfect.

Cable car stretching down to Scharmoin mid-station.

The snowball fight started with giggles and ended in tears.

Hand-written decoration on window inside the Rothorn base station. Very appropriate.

Cable car connecting Lenzerheide to the top of Rothorn.

Alpine trees.

Our monster scooters for getting down the mountain. They may be made from just aluminium and rubber, but they make you feel alive.

Outdoor dining area at our apartment in Priva Lodge, Lenzerheide

Rustic decorative flowers in our apartment at Priva Lodge, Lenzerheide


Pradaschier toboggan run - the longest in the world, stretching 3.1kms


The mountains appear to be breathing, as though dragons are hiding in the trees billowing smoke from their nostrils. The wispy clouds complete the surreal atmosphere of the perfectly quiet landscape.

That looks like fun. Need I say more?

Creative gardening at Hotel Schatzalp. This location kicked off modern tourism in eastern Switzerland 150 years ago.

The moment of truth. First time on a low ropes course at Adventure Park Färich, Davos.

Spire of the church that dominates the skyline of Davos against the pure blue sky.


Classic scene from the Swiss Alps. Cable car up to Madrisa Land, perched high above Klosters

Klosters from a bird's eye view. There's good reason why British royalty visit this town for their skiing holidays.

Madrisahof restaurant - a cosy cabin atmosphere with tantalising cuisine and panoramic views of the region.

This simple wooden window is the eye to the majestic mountain's soul.

Saying Goodbye

I know what it’s like to pick up a brochure for a holiday destination only to arrive and find it doesn’t really look what you expected. Maybe the photographer got lucky on a good day, or the weather was just right, or they found just the perfect angle to catch the glimmer. But for everyday folks like you and me, the real world experience feels underwhelming.

Eastern Switzerland is the exact opposite. Every vista is a postcard. Looking outside the train winding through the Alps, you’ll roll through scenes of intense and unlimited natural beauty. As a photographer and experienced traveller, this experience is not common. Trust me.

But don’t take my word for it. Go find out for yourself.

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I loved this post. What type of camera and lens did you use for these photos... especially the first photo. Beautiful!!!

Yvette Sep 25th, 2014

So awesome!

Matt B Sep 25th, 2014


Kari Sep 25th, 2014

Wow, this looks like a really unique place

Chloe Sep 26th, 2014

These truly are spectacular. Kudos to Josh on his photography. I think a favorite of mine in the alpine slide and the way the metal gleams.

Tamara @ We3Travel Sep 26th, 2014

Great post Josh. Love the photos. Looks so beautiful. Your kids are so adventurous and fearless, and the parents too of course. :) Little champions.

Lesh @ NOMADasaurus Sep 27th, 2014

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