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Our flight to Bangkok was uneventful, well so we thought until we arrived at the luggage carousel to find our largest bag had taken a hit. The bottom plastic balancing bars smashed and the top plastic handle smashed. After chasing down who to speak to we were directed to the top floor where an Air Asia assistant checked them over and said because there is no travel insurance they could offer us 500baht ($15) compensation. Well thanks very much Air Asia, I am sure that will not buy me a new bag!

Anyway after we got our $15 and stopped at the 7-11 for sustenance we hoped into a large van by AOT Limousines. They are not limousines, as we know them, simply private vehicles. It was $43 from the airport to our new place of residence, just outside of Bangkok. We had the whole bus to ourselves with lots of room so was an enjoyable journey.


We absolutely fell in love with our apartment immediately after our shoebox in Hong Kong. And once we leave will give you the low down on where it is, what it looks like and how to rent it.

The rest of the day we rested and let the kids recover from their temps and plane travel. That evening we headed across the road to check out what local restaurants were available to us. After a false start (a restaurant who had nothing on their menu and couldn’t speak English) we found a Korean BBQ.  In Thailand they call it Moo Ga Ta. You are presented with a griddle on your table and then it’s up to you to grab as much raw food as possible and cook it up right on your own table! Moo Ga Ta is cheap and a great Bangkok local style dining experience.

The staff spoke no English and we had no idea what we were doing, but the staff managed to show us and communicate to us with actions and grunts. There was a load of raw meats and veggies, plus other delicacies we had never tried before. We had a great time working out what we liked and what we didn’t. Towards the end of the meal I also located a further section offering BBQ meat skewers, ice cream and seafood.

As the sun set the restaurant got very busy and to my ultimate delight a Thai Captain Jack Sparrow took the stage for a wonderful performance. The staff was friendly with the kids, following them around and offering them ice cream. Our first dinner was a very pleasant welcome to Bangkok and came at a total price of $12 for all 4 of us – all you can eat. 


Note 13 Sept - we went back tonight and it was such a great night. The food was even better than last time. The place was packed and the live music with Captain Jack Sparrow started at 7pm. I'm going to go back again, it was so awesome. 

The english of Bangkok is the 2nd lowest out of all of South East Asia and we are struggling with this a little, but Transfire LV app on the iPhone is a life saver, translating some phrases which we just can’t action. The other great thing is taking photos of maps or addresses on the Internet to show the taxi drivers when we go out. I always have our home address in Thai on my iPhone and the lobby phone number in case they need directions. 

So great back to be in a land of smiles and friendliness towards the kids. Plus cheap food and lots of space. So far we are in love with Bangkok. Please see our photos to see why we love Bangkok.

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