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Win $1000 Worth of Luxury Travel Clothing From Anatomie

Anatomie has joined forces with their favourite travel bloggers (including us) to give away $1000 worth of designer clothing for women who love to travel in style. In addition, the lucky winner will receive a virtual makeover from Kate and Shawn Boyer, founders of Anatomie.

The Anatomie range is ready for any occasion, including: pants, tops, jackets, and dresses. And they cater for every destination from city chic to dream island getaway.

To enter the competition simply follow one or more of the bloggers on the list below on Twitter using the competition form above, and share this competition with your friends. The more times you enter, the more chances to win!

This competition is now closed.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Meet The Bloggers:

The Professional Hobo (Nora Dunn)

From bushfires in Australia to taking the ultimate train journey to Saigon, all night adventuring through the streets of Europe and sleeping on boats bobbing in the Caribbean, Nora Dunn circles the world learning how to make travel a full time choice in a way that is financially sustainable. The Professional Hobo is divine inspiration for those who want to explore on a shoestring.


Luxury Travel Diary (Yasmin Pullman)

Yasmin Pullman falls head over heels with the world’s most fashionable destinations and embraces a life of luxury travel from boutique hotels in Athens to choosing luscious clothes for the road. Her inspiring collection on LuxuryTravelDiary has been ranked as the second best Luxury Travel Blog worldwide as voted by readers of USA Today.


Travel with Bender (Josh and Erin Bender – yes, us!)

From husky sledding in Lapland to broken arms in Israel this is a family that dared to dream big. The Benders took their two adorable children and hit the road for a lifetime of fun and exploration. You can celebrate their highs and weep at their lows as you follow these two parents who broke conventional ties for the ultimate adventure.


Girl Vs Globe (Sabina Trojanova)

Sabina may have a head full of dreams and way too many sparkly dresses but she can tell you all about where to find the best pint of Guinness in Ireland and how a trip to Morocco saved her life. This is your chance to explore the world through the eyes of a 21 year old and to be inspired by her desire to live her bucket list whilst sipping cocktails.


LaJollaMom (Katie Dillon)

Katie Dillon gives all women the inspiration to take more mother daughter trips, to indulge in a glass of wine and to discover the delights of La Jolla in San Diego. Blending the finesse of luxury, lifestyle and travel this is the perfect blog for those who want incredible recipes, divine destination reviews and a ton of tips on how to stay classy when traveling with kids.


Goats on the Road (Nick and Dariece)

Learn how to turn travel into a lifestyle as you traverse the globe with Nick and Dariece. With a divine purpose to kick down the white picket fence and live their own dream by visiting 45 countries in 4 different continents, you can find out what life on the road really means. From eating scorpions to diving with humpback whales it’s time to follow Goats on the Road.


Luxury Launches (Dhiram Shah)

Bringing every grain of opulent news to the luxury world, luxury launches is the place to swing by if you want to know what’s trending in the world of affluence. From high end fashion releases to million dollar real estate up for sale, suites of the week in flash hotels and the fastest supercars on the road, you can find all this and more to drool over with Luxury Launches.


LuxeInACity (Roxanne Genier)

Roxanne Genier seems to be on an endless adventure experiencing sheer luxury around the world, having sailed 60,000 nautical miles and clocking up 40,000 miles on a Pan American road trip, Roxanne proves that travel can be a work of art. LuxeInACity is a curated city guide designed to showcase real life recommendations and has been voted as one of the Top 5 Best Luxury Travel Blogs by the readers of USA Today.


Lost In Travel Magazine (Mary Rose Pineda)

Intrepid travelers who want to steer clear of cookie cutter tourist traps can use Lost In Travel Magazine as their globetrotting bible. Touted as the authentic voice of real travel you can discover the wild untamed world, the weird and the wonderful along with poring over fabulous photography. Discover where the locals go and find flawless destination inspiration with Lost In Travel Magazine.





Your privacy is important to us. So please be aware that the details you submit will be supplied to the prize sponsor, Anatomie, which may be used for marketing purposes. They're nice guys and you'll be able to opt-out of any emails you do not wish to receive from them, so there's no strings attached. You will also have access to the free Travel With Bender email newsletter, from which you can also opt-out at any time. 

Disclaimer and small print: This prize has been donated by Anatomie who may change the conditions of their prizes at any time. We have done our best to cover all conditions, but ultimately hold no responsibility for any change, interruption or termination of the prizes. No claims on the part of the participants shall arise in these cases.

Winners will be informed via email or Facebook. Failure to claim the prize within one week of this email may lead to a new winner being drawn. You will receive your prizes direct from the sponsor. All prizes are as stated and no cash alternative will be given or exchange. Competition opens Monday 26th January 2015, 12:00 EST and will finish Thursday 12th February 2015, 12:00 EST, and the winner announced on Saturday 14th February 2015, 12:00 EST. 

Participation is free and at the participant’s own risk. All costs, taxes and fees arising in connection with the winning of a prize are in the sole responsibility of the winner. There is no right of appeal. We shall be entitled to exclude individual participants from this and future sweepstakes if there are justified reasons, such as violation of conditions of participation. By entering the sweepstake, you accept these conditions.

Share the comp, give your friends a chance.

It's just in time for Valentines Day!

Here's what you have to say...

"I respond to every comment by private email. So please leave me comments, I love chatting to you" -
Posted by Exploamum on
Wow that looks like a great range of clothing and perfect for my travel needs! Love your blogs
Posted by Alisa on
I love the Bianca pants. Oooh....I could use me some of those :-)
Posted by Bethaney Davies on
Oh I so want to win a pair of those bianca pants!
Posted by Alana on
My favorite piece is the Anita Windbreaker. It's the perfect combination of practical and stylish!
Posted by Amy Heffernan on
LOVE the Rita Hoody!!!
Posted by H Waller on
Rita Hoody looks so comfy.
Posted by Sharonc on
My favorite piece is the Brenda Jacket
Posted by Sharon Kaminski on
I like the Marvel jacket.
Posted by Sandy Klocinski on
My favorite Anatomie fashion piece is the LA Dress
Posted by Peter G on
Gianna Jacket in black would go with anything or go anywhere. My wife and daughter both agree this is the one to travel with.
Posted by pam on
I love the Marvel jacket.
Posted by Jennifer Monteiro on
I love the Alexis pant.
Posted by Veronica Tefoglou on
I like the Anita Windbreaker.
Posted by Anne Derkat on
I love the Rita hoody
Posted by Kiersten on
Rita Hoody looks so nice
Posted by Sara B. on
I really like the Gianna jacket.
Posted by chris mills on
i like the jade jacket
Posted by Susanne Scheper on
I like the rita hoody
Posted by christina moore on
I love the Fiora Travel Pant and the Monti Cozy
Posted by Natalie on
My favorite Anatomie fashion piece is the Lucille Top
Posted by jberry on
I think the Fiora Travel Pant(in grey), would be fantastic, everyone could use a few extra pockets whilst on the go.
Posted by Michelle on
I really like the Anita windbreaker.
Posted by Huguette E. on
I like the Macey Jacket.
Posted by Caitlyn on
I love the Audrey dress!
Posted by Cahley Tod-Tims on
I like the Andrea pant!
Posted by Bailey Dexter on
I fell in love with the Loretta Leather Jacket, this would be a great pair with a pencil skirt!
Posted by Tiffany Schantzenbach on
I like the Selena dress.
Posted by DEBRA GIFFORD on
I love the Audrey Dress, the LA Dress, the Loretta Leather Jacket, and the City Slick Short Jacket, and the Melissa Top. But, out of all of these, my very favorite is definitely The Audrey Dress-LOVE LOVE this dress!
Posted by Meghan Malicoat on
I am loving the Doris jumpsuit. It looks so comfortable.
Posted by Patricia Shreve on
I love hoodies so I have to say the Rita Hoody by far :o)
Posted by sonja Samples on
I love the Brenda jacket.
Posted by Megan Scharlau on
I love the Rita hoodie
Posted by Maria H. on
The Bailey dress is awesome!
Posted by Evren Ay on
Posted by Andrea W. on
I love the Audrey dress!
Posted by Mari V on
Posted by jose benavides on
I like the Bianca pants for sure..
Posted by Raine on
I can't decide between the Cynthia dress (absolutely adorable! ), or the Loretta leather jacket that's just perfect! Amazing clothing!
Posted by Kristi C on
I love the Monti Cozy cover up.
Posted by Alicia Wallace on
I like the Audrey dress
Posted by michelle s on
Love the Audrey dress, so pretty :)
Posted by michelle s on
Love the Audrey dress, so pretty :)
Posted by Stephanie LaPlante on
I would like the Rita Hoody
Posted by Tracy on
I love the Rita Hoody :)
Posted by louise on
I like the Diana travel jacket
Posted by Tracey byram on
I like the Serena top
Posted by ELISHA on
I like >>>>
Posted by James Robb on
I like the Diana Travel Jacket
Posted by Tara on
The Audrey dress is beautiful!
Posted by maryem el farsaoui on
I like the Gianna Jacket sooo much hope i iwn thank you so much for this awesome giveaway
Posted by Kathy on
I love the Gianna Jacket
Posted by christine burd on
I like the Sofia jacket. The silhouette and the color.
Posted by Eva Appleby on
The Marvel Jacket
Posted by Tari Lawson on
I like the Alexis pant.
Posted by Dale Steele Nicolov on
I like the Anita windbreaker.
Posted by Dana Truitt on
Posted by John Thuku on
The Rita Hood looks very nice.
Posted by sandra on
I like the Lucia Lace Dress
Posted by Nicolthepickle on
I really like the Monika Ballerina dress.
Posted by Heather on
My daughter really likes the Davina top.
Posted by Sarah Hirsch on
i like the anita windbreaker
Posted by monica cesarato on
my favourite piece is the Audrey Dress
Posted by maryem el farsaoui on
Gianna jacket is still my favourite till now I would love to wear it with my new boots
Posted by sandy frink on
nice clothes
Posted by Sharon Lalonde on
Would love to win some new clothing for next holiday.
Posted by Kathy Louise Cakebread on
The rita hoody is fab
Posted by Marlene V (Enelram) on
I like the Monika Ballerina Dress
Posted by Srna Kulik on
Audrey dress :)
Posted by Toks Weah on
Love the Brenda Jacket!
Posted by Tracy H on
I Love the Rafael Jacket!!
Posted by Alison Gibb on
I have way more than one favorite, but one of them is the Rosella Ruffle Jacket!
Posted by Anna Harkey on
I love the Audrey dress!
Posted by Amanda on
The city slick long jacket is my kind of style
Posted by maryam razzaq on
Love the City slick jacket long
Posted by Aliya D on
There are A LOT of beautiful pieces which caught my eye, but the Vanessa Dress would be a perfect item for work/office. And I love the Cynthia Dress for vacation and time on the beach. Thanks!
Posted by Jenny Willis on
Cynthia dress
Posted by Tammy Medley on
Love it please I need new clothes
Posted by Annalisa Kraft on
I love the LA Dress
Posted by Sofie on
So, this contest ends on my birthday. I think that entitles me to win?:D
Posted by Janice Dean on
I would love to have the City Slick Jacket Long! Thanks
Posted by leonard Merriman on
nice lay out
Posted by Jill Rivera on
Hallie Dress because of the lace in the dress. It is that little black dress with a little extra.
Posted by Miss Michelle Ann Addy on
The Audrey dress is fab. What a great giveaway. Fingers crossed and gud luck all.x
Posted by Cristine on
The City Slick Jacket in long is perfection! Such a great giveaway!
Posted by Shirley Talabock on
Monika Ballerina Dress: Thanks
Posted by Morgana DeLarge on
I love Love the Brenda Jacket
Posted by Loris Ayoub on
I love
Posted by Darija on
Audrey dress.
Posted by Melissa S on
I love the City Slick jacket.
Posted by Ma.Salome on
I love the Marvel jacket.
Posted by Jessica Powell on
The Audrey dress x
Posted by Stacey B on
I love the Amber Jersey Tee & the Aida Leggings
Posted by Evelina Gavrylyuk on
I love dress
Posted by Samantha Tedesco on
I love the LA Dress
Posted by Craig Dean on
love the marvel jacket
Posted by Emma Berry on
Long City Slick Jacket - it is the perfect winter coat to cover up from the cold, on any continent that I find myself.
Posted by Darlene Wright on
Rita hoody
Posted by Aurea Guillermo on
Fingers crossed!
Posted by Aurea Guillermo on
I love the Audrey dress
Posted by Cristina Popescu on
I love Brenda Jacket
Posted by Charlotte Hood on
love the Vanessa Dress
Posted by Marie burn on
I love the Monika Ballerina Dress
Posted by daer0n on
I love the lucille top!
Posted by Robyn Donnelly on
I like the Aubrey dress and all the jackets.
Posted by Nicole Carter Weasley on
I like the Gianna Jacket
Posted by Helena on
Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!
I love the tops,this one is cute:
Fingers crossed!
R.username:Jens Ken Lundstrom
Posted by Claudette Lariviere on
So many awesome pieces to choose from! My first pick is the Rita hoodie!
Posted by Dita Agustina Mustikaningrum on
I love City Slick Jacket Long
Well I love the short version too.. Its hard
Posted by Mindy Bel on
Thanks for the great giveaway!
I really like Fabiola dress!
Posted by kristin burdsall on
Camila top is my favorite. Very versatile
I love the Monika Ballerina Dress
I love the Monika Ballerina Dress, too
Posted by samantha bolter on
I love the marvel jacket, your soooooo lucky guys 1000 days and still going! Love the Blog, Keep it real :)
I love the Monika Ballerina Dress, too
Posted by Charlene Keddy on
Abbe Leather Jacket in Royal Blue is gorgeous!
Posted by Liberty Fontanilla on Monti Cozy
Posted by kelynnma on
love the rita hoodie
Posted by Anita k on
The LA dress is perfect,thanks so very much
Posted by Wendy Smith on
It's all amazing but my favourite is the Marvel jacket
Posted by Melissa on
The Skyler Skinny Pants are stylish and so versatile!
Posted by Barry C. Wolfe on
Posted by Ronald Gagnon on
I love tha Anita versatile
Posted by Sarah Archibald on
I love the City Slick Jacket Long
Posted by amy cameron on
Love all the bits I've seen! be nice to treat myself to something other than the kids haha! :)
Posted by Amanda Sakovitz on
the rita hoodie
Posted by Tonya Hampton on
The Paola Travel Pant looks fab and comfy!
Posted by David Price on
Laura Jacket
Posted by Marina on
Posted by Anastacia on
Oooh, I liked Vanessa Dress so much!
Posted by Natalie Gillham on
I love the Blossom Top
Posted by Roseanna Newton on
I love the Audrey dress so much!
Posted by Sand on
I really like the LA Dress.
Posted by Erika on
I love the rita hoodie too!
Posted by Travelours on
Great post you collect the best bloogers in one place, I like LaJollaMom (Katie Dillon) i read all new posts there and also Lost In Travel Magazine (Mary Rose Pineda) she write good ideas. all of them inspired me in my writing in my travel blog:
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