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Thanks to Visa and their Well Travelled Travellers, you have a chance to win a Visa Prepaid Card loaded up with AUD$1000.

Anyone can enter from anywhere in the world!

Think about the craziest, most bizarre, most awkward or funniest souvenir you've bought on holidays. We want to know about it. Share it with us and you'll be in the running to win this massive prize.

When entering, make sure you use the #SouvenirStories hashtag.

The more times you enter the more chances to win. Good luck!

Note: you can spend the Visa Prepaid Card anywhere in the world in any currency (the Australian dollars will be converted to the local currency).

BONUS: If you want another chance to win, fellow Aussie blogger Mapping Megan is ALSO giving away a $1000 Visa Prepaid Card. Double your chances to win 2 separate competitions.

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Reader Comments...

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I was 16 and on my first overseas trip to Bali. I had a surfboard, undies, swimmers and 1set of clothes but I ended up bringing home a huge hand carved banana plant!!! My parents couldn't believe it and I displayed it very proudly in my room. Even when I got married it moved in with us. It was the perfect talking piece when you had visitors. Then sadly We had a garage sale and for some reason it ended up getting sold to be displayed in someone's shop :( never to be seen again but still a fond family memories :) #SouvenirStories

Dani Dec 11th, 2014

On my first trip to the Philippines I was wandering around Olongapo City and stumbled upon this woodcarving workshop. As I strolled through the shop, looking at various carved statues, tacky souvenirs, and everything in between, something caught my eye. A blow gun complete with intricate designs carved onto the outside and a set of metal-tips darts. As I picked it up to examine it in greater detail a man came up to me, "she'll kill a running chicken at 50 feet -- if your aim is good enough" he said, smirking. Sold! I took that back home and my friends and we had so much fun with it for the next few months, creating all sorts of games and challenges to see who was the best marksmen. Eventually the blow gun was lost while and on two subsequent trips to the Philippines I searched Olongapo for this woodcarving shop but have never been able to find it again :( #SouvenirStories

Derek Freal Dec 12th, 2014

Some years ago we took a trip to Acapulco. My husband purchased one of the colorful sombreros - he thought it would like nice on our rec room wall. Of course, he never thought about how we would get it home. As luck would have it, the small plane was full and we thought he would have to wear it home, but the stewardess took pity on him and placed the hat somewhere in their storage area. Since then,we think more carefully about the souvenirs we purchase.

barbara semeraro Dec 13th, 2014

the funniest souvenir we ever had was an Hawaiian coconut bra. My hubby wore it as a joke with a grass skirt and complete w. ukele in hand.

susan wiener Dec 13th, 2014

good contest

sandy Frink Dec 13th, 2014

I bought a few too many souvenirs from a market in rural Ecuador. I bought traditional ponchos for everyone in my family and discovered at the airport that they made my luggage too heavy! Long story short, I wore 6 alpaca wool ponchos on top of each other on my flight. I almost passed out because they were heavy and quite warm - and I looked ridiculous during my layover in Miami #SouvenirStories

jess Dec 14th, 2014

We're now focusing on edible souvenirs (surprise, surprise!). Local coffee and hot sauces are our current favourites!

Vanessa Dec 14th, 2014

a 10 foot feather boa for grandchild, got home and puppy decided he needed to help it. He had 10 feet of feathers strewn throughout the house.
Pomeranians and feathers do NOT go together so whenever he moved the feathers went everywhere.

H e was so proud, mouthful of feathers and a smile on his face.

joan campbell Dec 14th, 2014

On my first trip to Jamaica (still one of my favourite places), I bought a hand-crafted cedar statue of a handless pregnant women, which was supposed to be a fertility symbol! I don't know just how effective it was because I didn't have my (only) child until some thirty years later.

Craig Hinchey Dec 14th, 2014

To be honest, the most bizarre souvenir I ever bought wasn't for myself but for a friend back home. I was 21 and walking around in Lido de Jeselo in Italy. I have never experienced a vibe like that town before or after! Absolutely buzzing. I was in the alcohol section of the store when my eyes alighted on a bottle of beer...not just any beer though.
Hitler Beer
Complete with the label of the bottle involving a picture of Hitler saluting.
To be honest I was completely shocked that something like that existed...and then I thought of my friend who was back home (he is German, I'm not) and knew I had to buy it for him. He luckily has a very good sense of humour.

Anna Neethling Dec 15th, 2014

Re: OMG, I can't afford much but luv the tiny bottle with local sand,sea shell in it & the place name outside thebottle. Wow, prize 1000-visa-prepaid- gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest.

edmond Dec 15th, 2014

What a awesome giveaway! My favorite souvenier's are from 2 sisters in El Salvador that we know. Their father is blind so they use whateve they can find such as rags and chip bags and weave them into purses, placemats and coasters. The SMILES on their faces were priceless when we bought almost all of their things!

Jane Martin Dec 16th, 2014

Photo is significant to me because it is my first grandchild

[email protected] Dec 16th, 2014

Los Cabos was awesome!

judy Dec 18th, 2014

#SouvenirStories - the time I spent visiting South Africa I purchased a few carved, wooden tribal dolls. Well the male doll had its private parts carved very big and it stood out like ..how do I say..like Pinocchio's nose...it was hilarious. I gave the set to my whimsical aunt and my ultra-conservative uncle who both laughed & laughed and had to show everyone they knew. That was funny

Kathryn C Dec 18th, 2014

not sure how to add a picture here, but here is my Tweet with photo


Kathryn C Dec 18th, 2014

OOPS my bad, forgot the hashtag-

#SouvenirStories- not sure how to add a picture here, but here is my Tweet with photo


Kathryn C Dec 18th, 2014

OOPS my bad, forgot the hashtag-
#SouvenirStories- not sure how to add a picture here, but here is my Tweet with photo

Kathryn C Dec 18th, 2014

Love to travel

Terry Phillips Dec 19th, 2014

Who won? :)

iamalighthouse Jan 1st, 2015

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