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365 Days Non-Stop. A Million Experiences.

We never thought that when we left Australia 5th May 2012 we would still be on the road. And that we would be sharing our journey with 10,000+ other people.

It seems like only yesterday we rented our home and our dog to start a journey. We had planned 4 months of flights and accomodation with not much more direction after that. 4 months turned into 7 months in South East Asia before we decided to not return to Australia and jumped to the other side of the world. 

After nearly 2 months in the US, we headed south & 2013 has seen us in the BahamasMexico, Belize and Guatemala all before March! We have a loose idea of how to spend the next part of our year, but planning went from months ahead to days ahead. I mean we have no idea about where we will be 5th April! :)

If you know anything about me (Erin - the mum) I love parties and there was no way I was letting this day go by without a party. I mean it's been almost 365 days without a party. No kids parties, no adult parties (well with the exception of our Penang party & New Years Eve)... Only 2 parties? We have to have another one!

So to celebrate our 365 days of non-stop travel we have planned something very special. Put on your party hats, eat some fairy bread, light those sparklers and get ready!


The week starting Monday 29th April we are having massive giveaways with thousands of dollars of prizes to be won. Wait to you see what we have... More details about the prizes will be announced closer to the date. But I will let you know that they are not country exclusive. We have prizes for people anywhere in the world! Because that's who you all are - from all different regions and places.

Saturday May 4th at 7pm (EST) the celebrations will climax in a one hour twitter party where the prize winners will be announced. Make sure you are online and be part of the conversation with hashtag #TWB365

To make sure you are in the loop on what is being given away and how to enter:

  1. RSVP "join" to the Facebook event
  2. Follow us on Twitter - @travelwitbender
  3. Sign up for our email newsletter

ITS GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN HULA HOOPS! We are so excited you will be joining us. 

Check out all our prizes here!


Here's what you have to say...

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Posted by Bethaney - Flashpacker Family on
Awesome!!! I'm so excited to see what the prizes are and hopefully win some!!!!!
Posted by Alyson on
You are amazing! How do you find the time to organise all this? I'm up for parties and prizes.
Posted by Heidi Wagoner on
Good for you! So exciting, I look forward to our 1 year in late Aug. :-) Can't wait for the celebration.
Posted by Jenna on
Looking forward to seeing what you have in store. Congrats too on what you are doing!!
Posted by Albert on
Sounds great. Cant wait to see how it all pans out. I really want to say Congratulations on the 365 days of travel, but something inside me just keeps on saying LUCKY BUGGARS. Bit of Green Eyed Monster there I think ha ha. Looking forward to it.
Posted by Erin on
Love hearing from you all - it is Exciting isn't it? Jealousy certainly is a form of flattery, but we prefer the real stuff. Don't worry you might not be with us, but you can share in some of the stuff we have been doing :)
As for time Alyson - gosh who know's? Dedicated to the cause! :D
Posted by Taris on
I'm so excited and I love everything in your blog! Can't wait to see more and more about your adventure :)
Posted by Erica Daykin on
I am so jealous of you guys.

You need to come here and see us at some point on your journeys.

keep safe and give the kids a smooch from me.
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