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£300 Sunuva Beach Goodie Bag Giveaway

The lovely folks at Sunuva are giving away 1 goodie bag which includes:

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader
  • A chic Hipanema bracelet
  • A bottle of Essie nail polish
  • A Liz Earle cleansing kit
  • PLUS an ultra useful Sunuva Beach Bag

The prize will be delivered to 1 lucky winner anywhere in the world. But just for entering the competition we will give you a discount coupon for FREE SHIPPING on any orders placed on the Sunuva online store. Their 2015 collection has just been released, so it's perfect timing.

Our kids have been wearing their Sunuva swimsuits in the hot Croatian sun and I am so happy with how much sunscreen I've saved. Mia adores the bright yellow colours and Caius' has little diving gas tanks on the back of his, which has him constantly pretending to be a diver. The bright colours are both easy to spot in our beach bag too. 

I was surprised by the quality and delighted. As a Sunuva enthusiast I wish I could win this goody bag, but am absolutely excited to give you the chance to be sitting on your next beach holiday with your new Kindle in hand. 

So enter! And I hope it inspires you to get away for your next beach vacation, to escape the upcoming winter or for the Southern Hemisphere, heading into a glorious summer.  

This competition is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Caius in Austria is strutting his stuff with his Sunuva boys blue striped linen shorts.

Mia swimming in Croatia with her Sunuva girls ditsy rash vest.





Your privacy is important to us. So please be aware that the details you submit will be supplied to the prize sponsor, Sunuva, which may be used for marketing purposes. They're nice guys and you'll be able to opt-out of any emails you do not wish to receive from them, so there's no strings attached. You will also have access to the free Travel With Bender email newsletter, from which you can also opt-out at any time. 

Disclaimer and small print: This prize has been donated by Sunuva who may change the conditions of their prizes at any time. We have done our best to cover all conditions, but ultimately hold no responsibility for any change, interruption or termination of the prizes. No claims on the part of the participants shall arise in these cases.

Winners will be informed via email or Facebook. Failure to claim the prize within one week of this email may lead to a new winner being drawn. You will receive your prizes direct from the sponsor. All prizes are as stated and no cash alternative will be given or exchange. Competition opens Monday 6th October 2014, 00:00 GMT+8 and will finish Monday 20th October 2014, 18:00 GMT+8. 

Participation is free and at the participant’s own risk. All costs, taxes and fees arising in connection with the winning of a prize are in the sole responsibility of the winner. There is no right of appeal. We shall be entitled to exclude individual participants from this and future sweepstakes if there are justified reasons, such as violation of conditions of participation. By entering the sweepstake, you accept these conditions.

Share the comp, give your friends a chance.

You'll love this goodie bag!

Here's what you have to say...

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Posted by carmel o sullivan on
hard to catch those shoes
Posted by debra merrill on
i would love to win the e-book and send my grandaughter her essie nail polish
Posted by Jen Rogers on
Grandaughter would make full use of this lovely treat
Posted by Beatrice Rogers on
This is the perfect beach bag! Not one thing I would change.
Posted by Linda M on
Love to win a Kindle paperwhite. It would stop hubby from pinching mine !
Posted by Grace on
Thanks for the chance to win all these wonderful goodies. Good luck to everyone.
Posted by Philippa Turner on
Liz Earle products are amazing!
Posted by susan wiener on
luv to win. so nice.
Posted by Cristina Popescu on
Great giveaway, thanks!
Posted by Ilga Lloyd on
Hope I win
Posted by Margaret Nokling on
Fantastic giveaway.
Posted by Richard Ball on
thank you!
Posted by victoria stockley on
g8 giveaway my fingers r crossed good luck every1 x
Posted by John Diamond on
i really do need a new beach bag!
Posted by Debbie Cooke on
Yes ok then
Posted by Shane on
So who is the winner?
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