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Win Samsung Level On Noise Cancelling Headphones + AU$250 Xinja Prepaid Card

Enjoy your favourite beats when you’re out and about, or jetting off to your next vacation, with these amazing foldable Samsung noise cancelling headphones (valued over AU$235) thanks to our friends at Xinja. Oh, and you’ll get AU$250 on your Xinja card to spend whatever you want!


My wireless headphones give me so much more freedom, I love ‘em! And that is what Xinja is all about. Giving you the freedom and flexibility to take your money with you when you travel without worrying about currency conversion fees and nasty ATM fees.

Xinja is building 100% digital neobank based in Australia. They’ve already launched their prepaid card which makes for a great travel card. With the help of a fun, intuitive mobile app, they make it easy to keep track of your holiday spending and check all your recent transactions live as they occur - in both currencies. Plus, they charge no ATM fees and refund 100% of currency conversion fees. And you can lock your card in the app if you’re worried about security. Setting up an account is free and takes seconds… oh, and there’s no paperwork!

Check out my recent product review for more details about Xinja.

To qualify for the prize, you need to apply for a Xinja card at and you need to be an Australian Resident over 18. If you win, the AU$250 will be added to your card once you’ve activated it!

This competition is closed.

Thank you to everyone who entered!





Your privacy is important to us. So please be aware that the details you submit will be supplied to the prize sponsor, Xinja, which may be used for marketing purposes. They're nice guys and you'll be able to opt-out of any emails you do not wish to receive from them, so there's no strings attached. You will also have access to the free Travel With Bender email newsletter, from which you can also opt-out at any time. 

Disclaimer and small print: This prize has been donated by Xinja who may change the conditions of their prizes at any time. We have done our best to cover all conditions, but ultimately hold no responsibility for any change, interruption or termination of the prizes. No claims on the part of the participants shall arise in these cases.

Winners will be informed via email or Facebook. Failure to claim the prize within 72 hours of this email may lead to a new winner being drawn. You will receive your prizes direct from the sponsor. Acceptable Australian ID verification required to claim Xinja card. All prizes are as stated and no cash alternative will be given or exchange. Competition opens 29th October 2018, 00:01 GMT+8 and will finish 29th November 2018, 23:59 GMT+8. 

Participation is free and at the participant’s own risk. All costs, taxes and fees arising in connection with the winning of a prize are in the sole responsibility of the winner. There is no right of appeal. We shall be entitled to exclude individual participants from this and future sweepstakes if there are justified reasons, such as violation of conditions of participation. By entering the sweepstake, you accept these conditions.

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Everyone wants a pair of Bluetooth foldable headphones! 

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