Show Me The Money: Living In A Car And Live The Dream

Show Me The Money!

Christian has such a contagious zeal about travel, you can't help but smile when you read his writings. He employs a whatever-it-takes attitude to make his dreams happen, and I'm sure you'll realise if he can live the dream, then so can you.

How much money was in your pocket/wallet/bank account when you started on your travel adventure? And how did you decide that was enough to get started?

I started my first bigger travel adventure to Australia with about US$6,000 in my bank account. For many people this may be a lot, but it isn't. Especially in a country like Australia, where the average costs are way higher than in Europe or the US. You earn way more money there, but you also spend way more. To give you an example: A beer in a bar is always about $8-10, which is crazy, if you think prices in other continents (Vietnam 25 cents per beer).

I decided it was enough money, because I researched a lot before and I got told by a travel agency, that it would be enough to live on it a couple weeks, even, if I would not make any money during that time.

While being on the road I always try to use a credit card. you might have to pay about $5 every time you take out some cash out of the ATM (amount is different in every country), but, if you take out a lot of money every time, you will be way better off in comparison to changing your money into the local currency. So using your credit card is the best way in my opinion.

What methods do you currently use to make money while you travel (in order of most value)?

I have an easy method to get money while travelling. Most travelers do the same. I get myself an hourly paid job over a specific period of time until I have enough money to travel again. I am currently trying to build my own online business, which will take a bit of time until it is sutainable.

So my method is to save up to $5,000 - $6,000 and then travel again until I have build my business. I did it differently once. I saved up to $15,000 in less than 3 months. I was able to travel around several countries for 6 months including everything I needed. So, it really depends, on what you want to do.

As you've travelled the world and met other travellers, what is the most unusual way you've heard of other people creating an income on the road?

I once met a guy, who told me he was making money while travelling by standing in the streets, playing his guitar. It is not that unusual to do these kind of things, but still it requires a lot of effort overcoming your fears. Most people would rather get a normal job. But that dude really impressed me. He played very good to be honest, which helped him a lot I guess. And he had quite a unique style to him. So he proved me, that you can make money with everything while you are on the go.

How much do you spend (on average) each month?

From my point of view, you will need about $2,000 per month on an average.

Flights/Transport: about $750.

Accommodation/Utilities: $600.

Mobile/Communication: $50 for internet on my smartphone 

Food: and the rest is food and whatever else I need.

But this is based on an expensive country. It can be waaaay cheaper. For e.g. in Asian countries - there you can live with about $600 - $1,200 a month, depending on what you do, where you stay, what deals for trips you get, etc.

What have been the ways that you've saved the most amount of money?

There are two ways to really save money while travelling. Everything else is a bonus. And these two points are accommodation and food/drinks.

If you cut out your accommodation costs, you save about 50% of your money. So what to do? Either use couchsurfing as much as you can, use your contacts in countries or the kindness of people (sometimes you get a place to sleep for free) or get yourself a car to sleep in and use it as your accommodation. The third point is what I mostly do. You just get a van, where you can sleep in and, which takes you anywhere you want. You are way more mobile. So, it is also way easier to get a job, if you quickly need to get somewhere.

I came across the idea of living in a car in Australia, where many people use this concept. It really helps. You have to get used to it first, but you will like it eventually.

The second thing is food and drinks. Try not to spend too much money on the expensive stuff. Try to avoid restaurants, if they are expensive. Eat cheap food from the supermarket. Try not to spend too much on alcohol or cigarettes. Besides the fact, that it is unhealthy, it really is expensive in every country. So be aware of that.

What things have been the biggest waste of money for you?

I would not say, that anything I did while travelling was a waste of money, because you learn from everything that you do. But one thing you always have to watch out for, is people (and sometimes even other backpackers), that try to steal your money. That is something, that I consider to be a "waste" of money.

Aaand over expensive tours, you don't really need to do. Tours, that you can easily do on your own. Like paid hiking tours for example.

What is the best money generation/management tip that you read/heard that impacted your life?

The best general tips are the ones that you get in groups on Facebook and other social media platforms. There are a lot of groups for many countries out there, where backpackers/travellers from all over the world help each other. They share insights, tips and tricks. That's something I use a lot.

Other than that, I would highly recommend to build a business online in order work anywhere in the world and make money while travelling.

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I am Christian "Volle" Vollmert, a german dude, who loves travelling and exciting adventures from bottom of his heart. I want to inspire other people to get out of their comfort zone and travel the world. Plus I really want to show how much personal development as a human being comes along with it!

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