Antigua through my daughter's eyes & her father's lens

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My daughter had been struggling with her new school. Most of the kids were younger then her and there was little structure. She loves to learn and be challenged, so playing all day is not her idea of fun.

So we decided to take her out on a date. We popped her brother in school one day and let Mia make the plans.

First stop was Café Condesa for cake.  A beautiful café in Central Park with some damn good cake. She chose the chocolate cake and couldn’t finish it. It was huge!

Next we went for a walk. We walked past a small shop selling some amazing shoes that I wanted to see. Before I knew it Mia had picked out a dress and was asking to buy it.

Recently on a Skype call with her Nan in Israel she was invited to a tea party. She was worried she would have nothing to wear and so had found the perfect dress. I had to admit it was absolutely darling on her. She bartered with the shopkeeper and bought it for $8. She was negotiating like an expert at just 4 years.

We wandered through the streets until we spotted a small doorway. Inside the doorway the building went far back and was filled with tiny, colourful market stalls. We found the lady that we met from our walking tour a week or so earlier who sold me my jade earrings and she picked out some pieces for Mia. I didn’t want anything too expensive for my forgetful daughter and she successfully bartered a pink kitty necklace down from $5 to $2.50 and wore it with her new dress. So cute!

After we finished our wander through the markets Miss 4 was hungry and wanted to go to McDonalds. We had only visited once for the playground and not to eat so we decided it would be a great treat. Mia had a blast in the playground and jumping around in the fountain while eating her long-coveted cheeseburger and fries.

Soon yawns were pursuing. We strolled a little more taking photos of all the brightly coloured walls…




...amazing old doors...


…and the striking ruins…


…before finally deciding to go get her brother and head home.

We had the most delightful day in Antigua with our daughter and are looking forward to many more.


Do you do one-on-one time with your kids? I’d love to hear some great ideas on what you love to do during this time so when I take my Mr. 2 year old out I have an idea what to do with a boy (and no, buying a dress isn’t on the list). 

Isn't the world so beautiful through a little girl's eyes? And through the lens of a father.

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Oh Erin I loved every word ! What a beautiful mummy daughter day :) on sunday i took Indy to her first real high tea it was amazing :)l

Sharelle May 6th, 2013

Lovely Erin doing things I couldn't do or even think of when you were little, keep it up. Mummy daughter and granddaughter date when you come back xxx

Karin May 6th, 2013

What a LOVELY post! Especially the pictures of her against the wall, so beautiful!

Dalene May 7th, 2013

Such lovely photos!! I live in Southern Spain and think that kids who get to live to sidle up to ancient castle walls and hear the bells of the age-old cathedrals are so, so lucky.

Cat of Sunshine and Siestas May 7th, 2013

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