5 Things To Do With Kids In Antigua, Guatemala

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Guatemala is full of rich history and culture that adults will find astounding, but what about the kids? We spent a day walking the streets with our little Princess, but here are all the things she wished she could have done that day.

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Wow, that's a McDonalds? What odd item do they have in Guatelaman Mickey Dees?
Love everything about this. Although Central America isn't on the travel planning anytime soon, I just love thingslike this that 4 year olds would be able to enjoy. I've always made it a point to make travel plans that has the boring cultural and tradition part and then some exciting kid friendly stuff as well.
but kids, somehow, remember the boring parts. Like when in Japan, instead of gushing about Disneyland and Universal Studios - my 4yo was gushing about going back to Japan because we get to sleep on the cushy floors again. :)

Eileen, The Super Tourists Sep 29th, 2013

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