10 Australian Destinations To Feel Like The Rich & Famous

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We are Australians so we know lucky, but Luke he know's the place to be. Even I have never heard of some of these places. I better get back there. 

Australia is a marvellous continent, a world that offers the best entertainment places for any budget, for backpackers just as much as for billionaires. Budget holidays are probably just as great and exciting in Australia as spending your holiday in the trendiest luxury spot, but we would now like to have a look at some places that the rich and famous prefer when they feel like spending their time in the "Lucky Country”.

Bond Club, Melbourne

Probably one of the best locations to celebrate an event in the entire world, Melbourne’s Bond Club is not only an elegant venue that caters for all requirements, but also a unique place that emanates luxury, offers many different opportunities for entertainment and spoils the guest with comfort – the best place for celebrating an important event in style.

Attica, Melbourne

If you are a gourmand, you must definitely try the Attica. Regularly rated among the top 50 restaurants of the world, you will surely be in for a feast – excellent is too small a word for the experience you will be treated to and the wine pairings will surely impress you, too.

Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania

The warmth and the elegance of the place, teamed with the breathtaking view make the Saffire Freycinet lodges extremely popular among the rich and famous. And it is not only the lodges that are impressive – the experience of having a luxury dinner in the water of an estuary, the great staff that seems to be reading the minds of the guests, the spa area that spoils you with the most amazing treatments are all part of the five-star experience.

Longitude 131, Uluru, Northern Territory

The spectacular view of World Heritage Uluru from each of the luxury tents, exquisite restaurants and exclusive experiences of the beauties of Australia make this place and excellent choice for those looking for tranquility, adventure, comfort and luxury.

Sportdeluxe Sydney

Working out is taken to a different level by the Sportdeluxe Gym in Sydney – whatever your preferred form of getting exhausted, here you will find a way to take it to the max.

Spa Country, Daylesford, Victoria

Whether you are looking for a luxury retreat inspired by the countryside, you prefer French-style elegance or modern design, the Spa Country will surely make you fall in love with it. Designed by the best architects with the client’s comfort in mind, the Spa’s facilities meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding guests.

The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

This private-member sailing club is one of the most exclusive communities in the world, but it is not impossible to join. If you are a sailing enthusiast yourself, you can have a look at the club’s program and if you like it, you can choose from among many different forms of membership.

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Hayman Islands

Certainly the most popular spot among celebrities from all over the world, the Hayman Islands give home to some of the best luxury facilities you can visit on Earth today.

Lord Howe Island

If you love to pair outdoor activities with exquisite luxury, Lord Howe Island gives you the best of both worlds. Hiking and snorkeling among corals, one of a kind lodges in lagoons and in the trees are all in the menu - not to mention the special and unforgettable dishes served at the facilities.

Royal Melbourne Golf Club

If you want to stay fit without exhausting yourself, while walking on beautiful green fields in the best company, this Golf Club is just what you need – join this exquisite community and enjoy playing with the best.

These were just a few of the top places the rich and famous like to experience while visiting Australia. There are plenty more pleasant surprises waiting for you, so book your flight and get ready for an amazing vacation! 

Luke is a down under cowboy that invested his life into photography, but makes his money as paparazzi. 

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