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10 Travel Tips For A Healthier & Safer Family Holiday

We all enjoy taking a break from our working routine at home and travelling to beautiful new destinations. However, when traveling abroad, things can happen and they are not all that fun, so here are the top 10 travel tips you should know and apply in order to have a healthy and safe family vacation.


1. Double-check before leaving a location

Make sure you always double-check before leaving a location such as a bench in the park or a café table. The last thing you want is to forget your wallet, jacket or any irreplaceable valuables.

Check those drawers!

2. Don’t put all your money into the same place

While you may be keeping all your credit cards and money in your wallet back at home, when traveling you should split these in to several locations between you and your partner.


3. Get all relevant vaccinations

Check with a doctor or do some reading about the travel destination and potential health hazards and make sure you and your family members get all relevant vaccinations and immunizations.


4. Careful about public displays of affluence

It doesn’t matter where you go, whether it’s Dubai or Vietnam, be careful with public displays of affluence. Try not to wear expensive jewelry and keep your camera and phones tucked away when not using.


5. Avoid learning high-risk activities when abroad

Learning things such as driving a scooter or jet-skiing in a foreign country is not a good idea. Accidents can happen and your travel insurance most likely won’t cover it. If you plan on doing these things make sure you know how to do them before you go. 

Does your travel insurance cover this?


6. Don’t leave any belongings unattended

No matter what you do, make sure you don’t leave any belongings unattended. Especially if you are traveling with your kids they might not be the best to be left supervising your valuables.


7. Don’t pet any stray animals

No matter how cute a stray dog might seem, avoid patting it. You don’t want to have yourself or your kids in hospital with a bitten hand.


8. Boil it, cook it, peel it or leave it

In many countries, it might be unsafe to eat raw foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. The rule of thumb is that, if you can’t boil it, cook it or peel it, you should think twice about eating it. In saying that some of us have stomachs of steel!

Street food in Bangkok

9. Get enough sleep

It is important that you and your kids get enough sleep when traveling. Without a good night’s sleep, everybody gets cranky and you might not make the best decisions – plus, you won’t enjoy the vacation as much.


10. Get travel insurance

For peace of mind when traveling, one of the best things to do would be to buy a travel insurance policy for you and your family members. You could get insured for accidents, delays, theft and many other things that could otherwise ruin your trip. Within Australia check out Bupa Travel Insurance. Just research the right one for your trip and make sure it includes the benefits you need. 


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What is your very best travel tip for a safer holiday?


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Here's what you have to say...

"I respond to every comment by private email. So please leave me comments, I love chatting to you" -
Posted by Paula McInerney on
All very sensible tips. I would add, drink lots of safe water. It helped with jet lag, rehydrates your body and is great for altitudes.
Posted by Claire Shaw on
I always research the place we're going to be in beforehand. For example, when we went to Japan, which is almost 100% safe, there were some who erred on the side of caution in Kabukicho, so we were more wary when we explored that area.
Posted by anna parker on
Good tips - with or without a family they are valid, and people forget them too easily. Sadly my husband lost his ipad on a flight recently. BA didn't answer their 'left on the flight' lost property line and it vanished - which is hard to understand as we were in first class, in the 747 nosecone and last out of the cabin as he was faffing... hmmm
Posted by Kathryn Burrington on
I agree with Paula about drinking plenty of water and would add that if the tap water is safe, drink it and use a refilable bottle to take some out with you. The entire life cycle of a plastic bottle uses up fossil fuels, contributes to global warming and pollution and tap water is actually often better for you than bottled water. You'll also save money, which is always good too!
Posted by Sam on
When flying with young kids, try to fly when they are usually asleep. That way - they'll sleep for most (if not all) of the flight (you should also try to sleep) & you can all make the most of your destination as soon you get there
Posted by Danielle on
Always email yourself a photo of all your travel documents ( passport, tickets, Accomadation, international license...)
you can loose everything but you can access your email account from anyone's computer
Posted by Rachael on
Great tips. My best one is to pack a decent sized first aid kit. Often one of the kids will get sick and it comes on quickly and if you're not sure where to get antihistamine, paracetamol, antibiotic or a steroid cream where you are it can feel quite stressful. We've been travelling for three months now and have used our first aid kit on average once a fortnight - well worth the extra weight!
Posted by Ruth Johnston on
My child and I both wear a stainless steel emergency bracelet for our world travel. Engraved are passport numbers, ID info, and 3 contact phone numbers: USA, Europe, and Australia. God forbid, if something happened and he got lost or I had an accident, authorities have someone to call. Or if we were both in an accident they can contact next of kin. The bracelets ever come off.
Posted by Emily on
Always put smallest bills on the outside of your cash wad so it's more difficult to tell how much you're carrying with you.
Posted by Niels Enevoldsen on
Respect and Common Sense!
Posted by Toks Weah on
Send someone you trust at home your full itinerary including flights and trains and make sure to check in whenever you can.
Posted by Bethany Conklin on
Keep a small travel kit with basic medicine and leave a contact numbers and addresses with a family member.
Posted by lisa gidley king on
Listen to your gut feeling, if you are sensing something isnt right, it probably isn't.
Posted by Kevin Honey on
Wear scruffy jeans and a hidden money belt.
Posted by Sabine Bassler on
A good travel insurance is vital and make sure you read it to see that you are covered for certain health conditions and for dangerous sports should you plan on doing things like paragliding or parachuting, etc. And always be aware of what is going on around you in busy places.
Posted by Max yorke on
Take antibacterial hand gel and use it whenever touching things in common areas and eating. It can dramatically reduce your chances of picking up tummy bugs.
Posted by Michelle Phillips on
Check reviews!! Especially when staying hostels.
Posted by iain maciver on
common sense when travelling
Posted by LynneH on
Have fun, but stay alert
Posted by Carolynn Woodland on
You must have insurance
Posted by trevor griffiths on
Full Insurance is a must
Posted by Melissa Mazzur on
Always get travelers insurance!
Posted by Sheila Hodgson on
scan all tickets, insurance documents and passports pictures to Dropbox and you will always be able to access a copy even if your phone gets lost
Posted by Gill Barwood on
Good advice. I would add, make a note of passport numbers and important details like telephone numbers for insurance etc on a small card that you cane keep in a safe place, separate from your money and passports. Also keep cash, cards, passports in a money belt or pouch on your body.
Posted by Samantha Keen on
Keep a back up copy of important documents in case anything gets lost.
Posted by Graham Ross on
Make sure your have travel insurance,and a fully charged phone
Posted by Annette McCormick on
Travel insurance and universal adapters are key.
Posted by Sarah on
copies of documents, keeping money in hidden wallet, make sure itinerary is known to family or friend.
Posted by megan argyle on
Put all liquids in bags
Posted by Natalie U on
Have a positive attitude but don't expect everything yo be perfect. Read up on the country you are going to and understand their customs and what may be rude to the...learn a little of their language
Posted by Ryan on
Always bring extra booze :)
Posted by dona j LewisPearce on
plan ahead but don't make too strict of plans
Posted by Jane Barrett on
Always make sure you have full insurance and do some research on the location prior to going.
Posted by Diana Maxwell on
Never travel without a loo roll..............
Posted by Zoe on
Take any medication with a prescription / Doctors note in your hand luggage.
Posted by Amanda Gorton on
Being a solo traveller my best tip is to wear a 'fake' wedding ring - it is a great deterrent to avoid unwanted male attention, although it can apply for single men travelling too.
Posted by MIKE on
good advice
Posted by Rachel Butterworth on
Always take copies of travel insurance and a photocopy of your passport in case they get lost.
Posted by laura stewart on
make sure your personal things are secure xx
Posted by regine on
wish this could be for us residents
Posted by Neha Kaul on
Carry toilet-seat covers/tissue paper with you wherever you go! They're invaluable- never know when an emergency may arise!
Posted by Jessica Cassista on
Always pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets lost or even worse your baby pees on you in the tiny bathroom while you are changing him/her (not that that happened to me or anything!)
Posted by Sarah on
Carry tissues with you. And bottles of water. Also don't dress too fancy!
Posted by Jenna Austin on
What is your very best travel tip for a safer holiday?
- Keep your family together. You don't want a "Home Alone" type thing happening or someone kidnapping your kid :P
Posted by rich bar on
keep money in an inner zipped pocket
Posted by Jackie on
We take a Fill 2 Pure Advanced Travel Safe water filter bottle each (kids too) and have used them all over the developing world with zero problems. So depressing seeing waterways and hillsides clogged with disposable plastic bottles. Also a small rubber door stop to secure dodgy accommodations from the inside :)
Posted by Jenna Y on
I like to use a fanny pack wallet that I can wear under my shirt. This is where I keep my money and passport.
Posted by Kelvin on
Leave jewelry at home and make sure cameras are kept in a bag. Showing these off tend to make you targets to thieves. Sure you have the cash and gadgets, we don't need to know. :)
Posted by Marina on
i would add drink plenty of water and research the place before you go to avoid scams and any dangers that may be around.
Posted by Keith Hunt on
We never ware posh outfits and take a door alarm as we have problems in motels in the USA.
Posted by Louise Mckeon on
Take a photocopy of your passport with you, especially if going somewere with and embassy for your country!
Posted by Lyla Horley on
Make sure you have an EHIC card and adequate travel insurance and don't keep all your money in the same place
Posted by Kirstie on
My travel tip would be to keep valuables separated! If you store most of your money, credit cards, etc. in one wallet, leave some others in a safe location back in the hotel or on a different person so that if you get robbed you don't lose it all.
Posted by david cavender on
don't travel alone-you're safer with someone else
Posted by Louise Asekokhai on
Try not to take anything too valuable, make use of the resorts/hotels safe. Use travellers cheques as much as possible.
Posted by Shauntea Crutcher on
Always have an emergency back up plan for when you travel.
Posted by Sharon Mclauchlan on
have a email copy of documents as well as extra set printed out. where travel pouch and keep money in that under clothes when out and about
Posted by Kevin McGovern on
Enjoy yourself and stop worrying you are on holiday, bad things happen rarely
Posted by Ashley Morrissey on
If you're making a long drive then don't hesitate to get a hotel for the night! Drive safely and be alert!
Posted by Richard Moore on
Always make sure you take cards as well as cash, especially a credit card with a decent credit limit. You never know in an emergency situation you may need quick access to extra money, for example for medical bills.
Posted by Stevie on
I find advice from family and friends is the most valuable.
Posted by Sheila M on
Do not just go for the cheapest insurance - make sure you get adequate cover without cutting corners
Posted by Susan W on
Keep a copy of all travel documents and contact details (for insurance, travel agent, Australian Commission) in at least 2 bags, incase they go missing.
Posted by Ann-Marie on
Best Tip: Learn at least 5 basic phrases in the local language/dialect - Hello, please, thank you, I'm sorry, and goodbye. Even just making an effort to say these can really make a difference on how willing someone will be to help you. NEVER FAILS.
Posted by Koko Xu on
Keep your money in different places in your bags and pockets, with maybe only $20 or so in each pocket/place.
Posted by Effie B on
Always leave a photocopy of passports, itineraries, credit cards, tickets, etc with a family member back home. If any documents are lost or stolen on holiday, these can easily be reissued when legitimate copies are produced!
Posted by Emily Carter-Dunn on
Always split your hold luggage between you so if your case is lost (as it can happen!) you will have some clothes available in someone else's case.
Posted by Annabel Murdoch on
I would LOVE to win this :)
Posted by Barrie Bangert on
Research you holiday .Make sure every thing is in place
Posted by hazel murphy on
Take a responsible adult (husband maybe ! ) with you to take care of all the safety stuff , you can then get on with enjoying yourself .
Posted by mark elson on
Tip your cleaner on the first morning then they will keep your room clean.
Posted by bn100 on
get insurance
Posted by Chris Harris on
If carrying a shoulder bag of any sort,make sure it is properly over your shoulder and and hanging at the front of you. That way you can keep a hand on it at all times and see it at all times making it more difficult for anyone to steal from your bag.
Posted by Mike Gerrie on
Always use common sense,
Posted by annie tapps on
Coca Cola, the travellers friend! - rehydrates after stomach upsets, cleaner & safer than local water, cleans kit, bribes children and always available!
Posted by Elizabeth B on
My best travel tip is to plan ahead! I am the "planner" of the family and it does tend to drive everyone else nuts. However, planning ahead can truly save you from having a bad experience while on vacation. Planning ahead doesn't mean that every moment of the day has to be structured, rather its a matter of being prepared to do anything you may want to do on vacation. Planning will help you get the most out of your time away from home!
Posted by Kerrie McKay on
Only take with you the items you absolutely need on holiday. The more you take the more you have to store safely and have to protect from damage or theft. Keep things simple!
Posted by Lauren Old on
Don't carry around cash or expensive items, these will make you more vulnerable
Posted by Sarah Eaglesfield on
Don't drink too much alcohol! Sure you're on holiday, and you want to have fun, but it can dehydrate you quickly and you can lose track of what you're doing...
Posted by Eileen Tingle on
If anything was to go wrong it's advisable to have a back-up plan as to finding an alternative way of getting home.
Posted by cecille on
fanny pack, map, binoculars, camera, friend, padlocks for suitcase, insurance, and ostrich pillow :)
Posted by eguiver yol on
Prepare a travel first aid kit before leaving
Posted by zoe g on
Keep your wallet in your front pocket, and avoid carrying too much cash, many banks allow free withdrawals abroad so there is no excuse to be taking hundreds of euros!
Posted by elzbieta znyk on
go on holiday to safe country, and always keep eyes on your children even in the hotel everywhere
Posted by Linda Hill on
Never, ever leave your hand luggage unattended and where possible use padlocks to secure all zip compartments in both hold luggage and hand luggage. Keep all cash, documents and valuables on your person, where possible (I have a large bum bag for this very purpose) at all times and be wary of anyone bumping into you or approaching you unnecessarily.
Posted by donna large on
make sure you have insurance
Posted by Jess Wood on
My travel tip is to avoid carrying large amounts of money with you and if you do have to, break it up between pockets and wallets. I learnt this the hard way after being pick-pocketed in Barcelona! :)
Posted by Alba Albanil on
Lleave space for the souvenirs, be happy, fearless and enjoy your trip! :)
Posted by angelina masih on
Avoid Honeypot Rogue Wi-Fi Networks Not all free Wi-Fi is good Wi-Fi, and even if you're on a good Wi-Fi network you want to make sure you do everything you can to stay safe. When you're out at the airport, however, there are a lot of free ad-hoc networks that people create for the purpose of listening for your usernames and passwords. With Firesheep it can be particularly easy. Be wary of the networks you choose and know the network you're signing on to before you start entering
Posted by Tam P on
Taking immodium,hand gel and loo paper will restrict your movements but not your movements!
Posted by Michelle Wild on
Take lots of wet wipes.
Posted by Paul_S on
Research before you travel and pay attention to the reviews from previous travellers. That way you can avoid scams and find the best places to visit.
Posted by hayley matthews on
drink actimel two weeks before you travel it boosts your stomachs immunity to anything it may pick causing less stomach problems on holiday
Posted by PAUL STANLEY on
Always use authorised means of transport - don't be taken for a ride by rip off merchants
Posted by Heather Tinkler on
If going abroad I always take a photocopy of my passport and insurance documents. Just incase!
Posted by Nessie on
Travelers insurance, keep copies of important documents, and make sure to stay hydrated.
Posted by MIKE on
My tip is add time for airport delays
Posted by Elizabeth Hostetler on
Before leaving home, be sure to secure your house. Lock all doors and windows, and don't forget to set the alarm. Also, give your home the lived-in look to keep away potential burglars by having a friend collect your mail, setting lights on timers and not leaving details of your trip on the answering machine or on Facebook or any other social media!!
Posted by Elisha on
Always be ready for the unexpected, especially when travelling with children.
Posted by Julie Jones on
The B.U.P.A of tips
B - be careful what information you post on social media. Letting people know your house is empty is dangerous.
U - understand that whether at home or abroad things don't always run smoothly and pack a positive outlook.
P - prepare with a visit to the G.P to check health needs and get a general antibiotic.
A - always check that travel insurance will cover pre-existing conditions BEFORE booking.
Posted by Annie Mitchell on
Keep all your important documents on dropbox ( or similar cloud based system which is accessable anywhere there is an internet connection) stuff like photocopies of drivers licences, medical insurance, passports and your itinery with copies of booking emails and confirmations. also have a document with addresses and phone numbers of close family and friends - not only for emergencies - but so you can send postcards etc! HUGE one is to take photos every day before you go out of your kids - what they are wearing etc - because if they get lots or separated, you have an extremely up to date photo of them to show security or police or passerbys - and this can be emailed or sent to a variety of places in seconds if they get lost ( I've used this in a theme park and in seconds of the photo being smsed to all security guards, my child was found)
Posted by Lauren on
When overseas always travel with at least three types of payment options, such as cash, credit card, prepaid currency card, or the good old dinosaur - travellers' cheques. This ensures you'll have access to cash regardless! Also, it's a good idea to let your financial institution know your travel plans. You don't want your credit card cancelled or accounts frozen if they suspect OS transactions may be fraudulent! If this happens you'll be thankful for those dinosaurs ;)
Posted by Matt on
Here's one I didn't see on your list: leave your valuables at home! You can worry less about the public displays of affluence and theft in general if you travel without your nicest jewelry or electronics.
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