5 Really Fun Group Holiday Destinations in Europe

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We are travelling Europe at the moment and it's a beautiful part of the world with so much to see and do. We've even had a group when my parents arrive for a road trip last year. This is a great post for all of you contemplating group travel.

Group destinations are becoming even more popular, as most of Europe encourages coach trips and other group travel. Travelling in this manner can help to reduce the ecological footprint most holidays create. Using a minibus to transport 10 individuals at the same time results in far less emissions than several cars would, and it's far less expensive, too. That makes travelling by groups one of the best budget-friendly decisions you can make for your next European adventure. These five destinations are sure to be group-friendly, regardless of group size.


The beautiful island of Tenerife is ideal for just about any group, whether family, young adults on break, or even retirees. This gorgeous island is warm, with coral reefs commonly found near the beaches. It's a mecca of delicious Spanish food, beautiful yet affordable spas and attractions, and plenty of outdoor areas to explore if you're more adventurous. Tenerife has built a reputation on being friendly to a wide range of people, so you'll find a bit of everything when you visit. Since the island is entirely cut off from vehicle travel to the mainland, it's best to fly in and then rent a vehicle when you land.



Winner of the IRU City Trophy 2009, Stockholm has put through immense changes to ensure that its delightful city is coach and group travel friendly. This has helped to reduce emissions locally, and also means that it's possible to use a coach hire to get to and around the city quite easily. Stockholm is a non-stop destination, full of everything from early morning sailing through incredible food and clubbing. This is an ideal location for the young or young-at-heart. Most hotels are used to dealing with group travellers, and will arrange group rates if you telephone in advance. Parking is readily available for those coming in with a coach hire, too.


London is yet another example of a city that's suitable for just about everyone, thanks to its richness in diverse attractions. The city can be navigated almost entirely by public transit, allowing visitors to come in by van, coach, or other group travel methods, then switching over to public transportation. Because London has diversity in accommodations, too, it's very budget-friendly. It's possible to do London on a shoestring budget by staying in hostels and other affordable accommodations, but luxury hotels are available if you're interested in a lower-key experience.



Paris is also well-prepared to offer group travellers many affordable options. From group rates to plenty of large vehicle parking, Paris is the ideal city for groups of couples, singles, or even the elderly. Cafes are packed throughout the city, ensuring that delicious French food is only a few steps away at all times. With the Eiffel tower, plenty of music and art, and even a bit of nightclubbing available, it's the type of destination that you should plan to spend several days within. The entire city can be seen in about seven days. While public transportation is certainly available, it can be faster to get around the city with a van or coach hire service.


The most beautiful areas of Scotland all require a bit of driving to get from one to another. From Loch Lomond to the Scottish Highlands, and into the more heavily populated Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland is made for long trips with groups. It's almost preferable to hire your own minibus to drive through Scotland, as this will allow you to stop and enjoy the pristine natural beauty or excitement whenever you so please. While bus tours are available, few offer the freedom of self-driving throughout the country.

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