A Guide To The Best 5 Apps For Booking Hotels, Rental Homes And Hotels

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Booking a place to stay is a common occurrence in our house so I'm always on the lookout for new ways to do it. Thanks to Andrew, here are a few new ones. 

Choosing accommodation can be tricky. Travel With Bender have great recommendations on how they find cheap accommodation, but I have a few tricks of my own. Here are 5 of my favourite sites for booking accommodation. 

eBookers Travel

eBookers goes with the slogan “the world in your pocket”, and actually, that is not far from the truth. Their app is free and available on both Google and Apple Play Stores, which enables you to search for any kind of hotel worldwide from 5-star luxury to a hut (perhaps) and then, easily book for it once you have found an agreeable room and price. With more options available to booking flights and hiring cars, eBookers is in particular helpful if you travel regularly. Their ‘Bonus+’ incentive programme paves way for discounts on future bookings.


Backed up by fresh and funny TV adverts, Booking.com is an emerging and go-getting frontrunner in the travel site game. Their consistent app is exceptional and available both on Play and App Stores. You can search through a number of options for hotels in your preferred location and choose the one with the best rates, all with an easy tap of your smartphone.

Owners Direct 

Search and make bookings of the ideal holiday rental in a few taps! With the Owners Direct mobile app, you can effortlessly access all the needed tools to book, plan and manage your stay.

  • Browse cool spots and vacation rentals in over 190 countries, such as Batangas vacation rentals in the Philippines
  • Share with people travelling with you
  • Discover complete homes. We have villas, apartments, cottages, self-catering, or even tree houses and castles amongst our over one million vacation rentals
  • Save and administer favourites
  • Make bookings and pay directly using the app
  • Access all your chats from your inbox and get notifications when owners reply your queries or authenticate your booking
  • Safely and securely send payments
  • Access your check-in details whenever you need it
  • Manage your bookings
  • Keep the details of your trip with you as you journey to your desired destination

Hotel Tonight

This is yet another highly-rated app available on Android, Windows platforms and iOS. With the aim to take away stress from hotel bookings, Hotel Tonight selectively choose the best hotels based on your specifications and aids your room booking for the night in just three taps and a swipe. Their mission is to offer a better, attractive and streamlined mobile booking experience with no hassle.


One of the most reputable booking platforms in the travel website industry is the Hotels.com. Not altogether different from Booking.com’s app, both are fine platforms, and it will probably come down to personal preference with regards to choosing between them. However, the only difference is its wide-scale availability on several app stores.

Apart from the typical App and Play duo, Hotels.com can be found on both the Kindle and Windows stores. Using its app, you can explore and make hotel bookings from more than 240,000 hotel choices worldwide, and access reservations even while offline.  So, even if you have made bookings to live in a shack in a shantytown, you could still push your smartphone in the face of the bemused local, as a way of international communication.

Andrew is a recent marketing graduate who enjoys blogging about anything and everything that interests him. Currently he is fascinated with travel and the technological advancements in travel, but also has a strong connection to the sports community. 

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