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Josh & I went to Hawaii back in 2007, pre-kids. We found this article to be helpful on planning a trip back to paradise. 

With some of the most beautiful beaches, parks and natural wonders in the world, Hawaii is one of the top locations to take your kids on an intriguing and highly educational trip that can quickly turn into an exciting exploration journey to discover the secrets of the islands’ waters and landscapes.

Why is Hawaii such a great place for a family trip?

In a world where technology tends to take over everything and children are virtually bombarded with information and images 24/7, finding a place of refuge where nature and humanity are still at peace can be a real breath of fresh air.

The Hawaiian islands, with their majestic landscapes and delectable ocean views are an excellent opportunity for children to explore the wonders of the wild, while keeping close to their parents and benefitting from the safety and resources of civilization available right at their fingertips.

Without straying too far from the city, you can explore mountains and hiking trails or hop on a boat and take your kids to visit one of the neighbouring islands of Maui, Oahu or Molka’i for more than a dozen fun, instructional and heart-warming activities that they’ll keep talking about for a long time.


7 activities your kids will absolutely love

As you will see, the stories about Hawaii being a truly great place for a family vacation are not only true, but they may be even more exciting once you live them yourself – especially if you bring your kids along for the ride. Here are just 7 of the best places and activities you can take part in that are sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience:

  • Boating and chartering trips on the main Hawaiian island are some of the most delightful in the entire world, providing you and your children with the excellent opportunity of witnessing the natural splendour of the various islands and exploring remarkable natural wonders, including the various islands’ rich marine and wildlife.
  • You can’t visit Hawaii without trying out some of the island’s fine, delectable and quite unique cuisine flavours. There are quite a few exceptional food places that mix regional Hawaiian delicacies with dishes from around the world to provide an unforgettable culinary experience.
  • Fishing on the island can be both a soothing, tranquil experience and a competitive sport – depending on you and your children’s preference. The waters of Oahu are not only world famous for its sport fishing, but also teeming with big game fish such as blue marlin or sailfish.
  • The unique culture and historical heritage of the Hawaiian island can also make for a splendid educational experience for your kids. You can take them to one of the museums and art galleries found on the island, and show them the unique sculptures, paintings, glassware or the unique, hand carved koa wooden bowls.
  • Take your kids whale watching on the Hawaiian coastal areas, and they probably won’t ever want to leave. If you’re on the island any time from December to May, humpback whales can provide you with a most overwhelming and memorable view.
  • If your kids love hiking and the outdoors, the various hiking trails on the fields of petrified lava can provide a refreshing, exciting and educational experience for children of all ages.
  • Hawaiian parks can also offer a memorable outdoor experience. The main island features no less than four national parks – including the famous Volcano Park – as well as a number of beautiful country parks.


While the island may provide an entirely different experience than you’d find anywhere else on the territories of the United States, you’ll also see that, in terms of family trips, Hawaii definitely has a lot to offer that you won’t find anywhere else on the globe.

Sarah Salt has lived in Hawaii her entire life. Her family would choose to live no where else and she is guest posting in the hopes that other’s will see why. She believes she lives a charmed life. 

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