What Is the Best Month To Travel to Spain?

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Spain is a beautiful destination year-round, so deciding when to visit really comes down to your preferences and budget. Whether you’re looking for beach holidays or city breaks, you’ll find something to enjoy at any time of year. This month-by-month guide will help you choose the best month to travel to Spain.

Before you start planning your trip to Spain, be sure to check entry conditions and Spain’s tourist visa requirements that may affect your travel.


January is the best time to visit Spain if you’re interested in city breaks, museums, and food tours or if you’re traveling on a budget. Tourist crowds are minimal and flights and hotels are at their cheapest.

This is also the rebajas season when most stores offer post-Christmas shopping deals. For winter sports enthusiasts, January is the perfect month to head out skiing or snowboarding in the mountains of Sierra Nevada. 

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February is another low-season month with few tourists. It is also the carnival month with events and entertainment throughout the country, so if the main reason for your trip is to experience local culture, this is a good time to travel to Spain.

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The shoulder month of March is a great time to visit Spain. The weather begins to warm up and the cities start buzzing with activity without getting overcrowded. Easter week, which is the most important celebration in Spain, marks the beginning of the high season.

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April offers ideal temperatures for hiking and cycling. The weather is warm and sunny, but still not too hot to enjoy outdoor activities. This is also the perfect time to visit the capital city of Madrid which is bustling with events throughout the month.

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May is the best month for outdoor activities and heading to the beaches before they’re overrun with visitors. Temperatures are warm, but they haven’t yet reached the levels of high summer. Mid-May is also the official start of the bullfighting season.

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June marks the start of the tourist season and beaches and museums get more crowded. This is the best time to take a hike on the Camino pilgrimage trails to the Santiago de Compostela or try kitesurfing in the city of Tarifa with its unique wind conditions. 

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July is the hottest time of the year, so do as the locals and make your way to the coast. If you're looking for a beach holiday, this is the best time of year to book your trip to Spain.

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August is another ideal seaside holiday month. The heat in the inland cities like Seville, Madrid, and Barcelona can be soaring at this time of the year, but Galicia, Basque Country, and the Asturias region have cooler summers.

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September is the best time to enjoy sightseeing in Spain. You can expect pleasant weather and lesser crowds. This month also kicks off the harvest season with food and wine festivals throughout the country.

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October is the best month for active holidays with pleasant temperatures and dry weather. This is a good time to visit Madrid and other inland cities that can be too hot in the summer.

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In November, the country gets ready for Christmas, but you can still enjoy beautiful historical places in a more relaxed atmosphere.

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December is a period of Christmas festivities and the most magical time of the year to visit Spain. One of the best places to celebrate the new year is the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid with its bright lights and festivities.

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