Caravanning: The Best Way to Travel Australia

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Having camper-vanned the Pacific North-West of USA we are so ready to caravan Australia. Perhaps next year? Great post to help us get our butts into gear! 

Do you want to experience something different when it comes to travelling? Do you want to bring the comfort of your home when travelling into places? Then there is a one step easy solution for you - travelling the caravanning way.

If you’re the outdoorsy type who loves to camp, then caravanning is a travelling experience you need to include in your bucket list. For your caravan adventure, you may want to purchase your own brand new caravan or a used one. Good news is that it is not difficult to buy new caravans, or even those that are used. What one opts for ultimately boils down to his/her budget. Whether new or used, the advantages of travelling with caravan are endless. Here are some of those advantages as compared to your usual mode of travel.


The Convenience of Home

When it comes to travelling, the primary consideration of travelers is the convenience, second of course the enjoyment. The popularity of the caravanning only means the convenience and enjoyment are being experienced by people who are into serious caravanning.

Since you bring the caravan with you wherever you go, you get to bring the convenience of your home to your travel destinations. In the caravan, you can have the convenience of having a sleeping accommodation complete with your basic kitchen amenities, which you don’t usually find in hotels.

No Time to Worry

With hotels, you are always in a hurry to beat the check-out time in order not to be billed extra. If you travel by caravan, you dispense with the unnecessary worry of being pressured to check-out on time, of packing up and moving out. In caravanning, you don’t have to comply with hotel rules.

The Practicality of Expenses

Caravanning has some financial/expenses plus factors compared to the traditional mode of travel. When you travel by bus, train or plane, you often have very limited choices when it comes to food. But when you travel by caravan, you have the option to prepare your own meal by setting up camp in official caravan campsites. Say you are caravanning around Australia. When it is time to get some shut-eye, you can park your caravan in known caravan campsites where you are allowed to cook and spend the night. This is a perfect alternative to a dull hotel stay and a perfect way to experience the quiet of nature.

More Travelling Freebies

Caravanning is slowly getting the notoriety it needs. Thus, there are various caravan clubs that offer various freebies to members like discounts on caravan insurances. Just sign up with a popular caravan club and get their freebies which you can use for your next travel.

How to Own a Caravan

If you are now eager to own a caravan, but don’t have necessary funds – worry not! You can apply for a caravan loan to fund your purchase. By applying for a caravan loan, you will be able to save money. This is because you are not required to release your money in just one payment. By using convenience of caravan loans to finance your caravan purchase, you are allowed sufficient time to come up with the rest of the money required for you to acquire a caravan while retaining the physical possession of the caravan.

When going caravanning, always make safety your number one priority in all aspects; from the mechanical safety of the caravan to the physical safety of its passengers. 

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