Holiday Apartments or Hotels? What Should You Choose When Planning Your Vacation in Paris?

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When we have a choice for accommodation we definitely prefer the holiday apartment over the hotel for the space and ease it gives us with the kids? What about you?

If you are planning to go on a trip to Paris, then you should learn about the benefits of renting one of the holiday apartments rather than staying in a hotel room. Here is a comparison of renting a holiday apartment vs a hotel room in Paris.


When renting a hotel room, you will have full desk support, a luggage boy, the maid and all other employees at the hotel. This includes room service, restaurant down stairs and a bar. If you have the money and want to feel like a king, then you might want to stay at a hotel.

However, what you should know is that hotel rooms in Paris are notoriously expensive. You will also have to pay for the additional services such as breakfast brought to your room, etc. But the most important inconvenient of hotel rooms is that most are only designed for two people. What this means is that, if you have planned to go along with your kids, then options will be very limited. You will either have to share the rather small room with your children, or rent two separate hotel rooms. Not only can this be expensive, but since there aren’t many connected hotel rooms, this will also separate your family, a thing which you probably don't want. 

A Hotel in Paris

Holiday Apartments

If you want to enjoy a housetrip in Paris with your family, renting a holiday apartment is a better option. These are in no short supply, and they are usually considerably cheaper than hotel rooms. By renting an apartment, you will ensure that you and your kids won’t be separated. You won’t have to go to sleep at the same time as your kids, as they will have their own room.

Another benefit to renting an apartment is that you will have a kitchen with all appliances you’ll need, allowing you to eat delicious home cooked meals. This will not only provide you and your family with your favorite food, but also save you a lot of money, as eating out in Paris can get pretty expensive. You will most likely also find a washer and dryer in the apartment - while doing the laundry might not be your favorite activity, you will have clean clothes without having to pay for it.

By renting one of the holiday apartments in Paris, you will also feel more connected to this magnificent city and the Parisian lifestyle. You won’t stay in the artificial environment of a hotel - you will be surrounded by Paris citizens. You will also have grocery shops, small Parisian coffee shops and others which you won’t usually find near the hotel.

A Beautiful Holiday Apartment in Paris

While renting an apartment in Paris won’t provide you with fancy room service and a restaurant down the stairs, it will introduce you to the real lifestyle of Parisians while also saving you some money in return. Especially if you go with your kids, you will certainly feel better in a rented apartment than being separated in two different hotel rooms. Search for a reliable apartment rental service in Paris and check out their rates - you will be pleasantly surprised!

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