I Have to Visit Iceland Before I Die – Here's Exactly Why!

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I could of wrote this myself. I want to go to Iceland so bad, thanks for making it even harder to stay away Samuel! 

There are lots of places in the world I’d just love to visit before I die, but Iceland is definitely on the bucket list. It has the most amazing landscape, black sandy beaches, and geothermal waters and you get to do unique things such as travel inside glaciers and see blue ice caves.

The weather is just perfect

There are many myths surrounding Iceland and that it’s too cold to visit. In fact, that is simply not true. Even though Iceland is closer to the Arctic Circle than many other parts of the world, it may be warmer than you’d expect. Don’t expect to see blizzards like in Siberia here as even winter is decent here. The best part is that in summer you have that perfect weather when you can wear a light sweater and not sweat 2 liters of water per day, like in many other tourist destinations during hot summers.

The landscape is just amazing

Many people think that Iceland is just a dark place filled with rocks and ice. You probably haven’t seen the photographs I’ve seen. There are landscapes in Iceland that look like they’ve been taken from the Lord of the Rings movies. You have tall mountains with green pastures, blue lakes, fields filled with flowers and even the volcanoes look livelier. If there’s one place with all sorts of awe-inspiring sights, then that’s Iceland, and I’d definitely want to go there during the warm season. Going there would allow me to see anything from gorgeous coastlines to charming waterfalls, volcanoes, rocky beaches and much more.

I want to see the ice caves

I’m actually torn between going in summer and seeing the green fields and colorful landscapes and going in winter to visit the ice caves. You get to see blue ice caves and tunnels with some being over 1 kilometre long. While I could visit the caves any time of the year, they may not have ice all year round, plus I would miss something that Iceland is known for: glaciers. You can get a tour guide or book a self drive tour in Iceland to get you inside one or more of these glaciers, which I bet is an experience I shouldn’t miss.

I’d get to see the Northern Lights

There are few places on Earth that have such an amazing display of the Northern Lights as Iceland. Even the coldest heart would remain in awe when experiencing the full spectacle of natural lights – which, by the way, are in fact the result of the disturbance of our planet’s magnetosphere by the solar winds, which casts particles that ionize in the atmosphere, resulting in the show of complex and diverse colors.

I can take a bath in one of the geothermal waters

Iceland is one of those places where you can take a bath in one of the natural Jacuzzis. Yes, Iceland is known for its many geothermal waters that you can relax and soothe your skin. Blue Lagoon is one popular spot, although I bet I could find other more quiet natural hot baths to relax in your Iceland Holidays.

So my next destination is most likely going to be Iceland this year. It’s time to pack my bags and book some tours and then head to Iceland – one of the most unique places in the world. Want to join me?

Samuel Bradley has been to many places on earth, but Iceland is not one of them. He dreams of it though and it's on his list for next summer... or winter.

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