Packing Guide: For That Cruise Through the Mediterranean

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I never ended up writing about our cruise in the Mediterranean. It was September 2013 and we went with parents. It was fabulous!  I think Sarah got the this packing guide spot on. 

Certain areas of Europe require a bit more from their visitors than others. In the same way that travelling through Moscow during winter is daring, cruising through the Mediterranean without knowing how and what to pack is a tragic oversight. Being prepared for an overseas journey should go without saying, but the Mediterranean is quite often unpredictable, and assuming it’s like any other exotic location could hurt your ability to have a good time. This is due to the simple reason that it is home to so many regions, from Croatia to Italy to Albania, and depending on where you go, you’ll find yourself having to adapt a vast amount every stop you make.

Here’s a quick guide on what to pack when cruising the Mediterranean.  

Suitable Baggage

Bags are incredibly important for this trip because, not only will you be travelling a great distance, but you’ll be walking a lot too. In other words, you’ll need a sturdy suitcase and a quality backpack. A specialist retailer like Bags To Go can provide you with both these items, either online or at a physical store stores. If you’re flying from place to place, you might not need any more than a decent bag that can carry the necessities, in which case your attention can remain on the efficiency of your suitcase. If you’re walking a lot at any point, direct your attention towards gear that will make your journey more comfortable. Suitability varies from person to person, but make sure you’re thinking about it one way or another.  

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What better place to go for a stroll than along the coastline of the Mediterranean? It really is a delightful experience. However, if have failed to pack the right clothes, you will be able to think of far better things to do, like sitting inside and reading. Comfortable shoes are imperative, particularly if you are walking along a cobble beach, but also in general. You’ll be outside most of the time – why wouldn’t you be? So prepare for this certainty by packing the right clothes. Depending on where you are, the climate across the Mediterranean can be hugely unpredictable, so while you might be visiting during the summer, pack a few jackets to be safe. 


Consider the amount of time you’ll spend travelling in between locations, waiting to arrive. Without something to fill the time, you’re bound to go a little nutty. In desperate times, anything will do. Pack a few books and magazines, update your Kindle with songs and TV shows, and load your phone with fun apps. This is perhaps the least stressful part of packing, so do it without complaining because you’ll regret not making the effort.  

The vastness of the Mediterranean shouldn’t scare you away from travelling extensively. While it might be daunting at first, it is guaranteed to be one of the most fulfilling trips you’ll ever have. The amount of cultural insight you can gain from travelling through its close but distinct regions is truly mesmerising, not to mention the historical vastness found everywhere. In other words, don’t think twice about taking this amazing trip – simply think twice about what you pack. These tips will apply to just about anywhere you go, so use them freely and enjoy your next adventure.

Sarah Race spends any chance she can planning her families travels. After taking a gap year with her two children, she now attempts travel at least 4/6 times a year. When she's not travelling, she's working to save for travel. 

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