Six Ways to Capture Your Family Travel Memories

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Love this list of ways to share family memories. We are huge on photography as told by our Instagram, but I love the idea of t-shirts!

Teresa Lim thought using a camera to capture memorable travel scenes was too easy. So, needle and thread in hand, she decided to use her considerable skills to embroider scenes, sitting for two hours to capture settings from Prague, London, Singapore, and other world hotspots.

No doubt her handiwork will present her with a slew of wonderful decorations for her home, but most of us would probably prefer to snap a picture or two (thousand) on our mobiles instead, before turning them into wonderful individual projects or decorations for wall, home or workplace.


With more than 300 million users, Instagram has become the photograph connoisseur’s weapon of choice, enabled through a combination of a magnificent range of filters aligned with a simple platform. Instagram allows you to snap ‘on-the-fly’ before adding numerous filters to bump up the colours, light and shadow. For an example of how good your pictures can look with practice, examine the collection of Murad Osmann. Once home, print out the pics and mount on the walls or in frames.

Wall canvas

The power of canvas prints of family snaps in the pool or sea, riding horses or trotting through fields, forests or cities, are really only dependent on the size of the wall behind. The range of canvas wall art at Photobox is a good source of inspiration, but don’t be restricted by a single print; combinations of three, four, five or more grouped pictures can create a fantastic effect.


A shiny modern depiction of your art or photographs that literally stands out, and looks particularly good in deep blues, greens and purples. The glow lends itself to interesting visual effects  - for example, we’ve seen pictures of children in cars or looking through windows where the acrylic captures the 3D feel of the windscreen/window.

Canvas bag

A natural and nice picture of carrying your children with you when shopping or out and about is better for the environment (and may also be better for the purse if a ban ever comes in). Canvas bags are hardwearing and can withstand greater weight than plastic bags. The design on the front could reflect shopping in general; remember that market in Bangkok or those fantastic shoes from New York?


Another way of being close to your family or friends; a photograph in high spirits in a bar on some raucous city break is just perfect for daubing on a short with an appropriate motto or saying underneath and a reminder of the dates and reasoning behind the trip. For ultimate completion, get the t-shirt abroad and then get the print done at home, with a picture from the destination where the shirt was purchased.


Do you remember the names of all the restaurants, parks, towns and events you’ve ever frequented? Doubtful. 

Here’s how to preserve memories of said outings: get a group photograph while there, and keep all the ticket stubs, menus or whatever other paraphernalia you acquire on the day. When home, print off the photo and place it in a scrapbook surrounded by the paper evidence to look back on in years to come.

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