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5 Things To Do With Kids In Singapore

There is so much to do in Singapore, it is hard to just pick 5 and maybe I will come back and add another 5 to make this a top 10, but for now enjoy our favourite attractions in Singapore. 

1. Universal Studios

We have been twice to Universal Studios now, once without kids and once with kids, both times it was just as exciting. I have had more fun at Universal than Disneyland. There is plenty of rides for the little one's to do and even more for the big kids, like me! Try to stay on Sentosa and you can head home for a nap during the day, before coming back and completing your fun. Tip: the single line will shave a lot of time off of ride wait time.  Admission: Adult one day pass $52.00, Children under 4 free. I highly recommend the Express Pass for the top rides, which is an extra $24. Off-peak prices, which is the best time to go. 

2. Port of Lost Wonder

I wish we had more time here. The newest addition to Sentosa is this amazing kids water park. A giant pirate ship with water guns, slides and wifi for the adults. The cost of entry was $6 each child, adults free, unlimited play time. Honestly I think we could have stayed there all day or until early arvo before nap time anyway.

3. Singapore Zoo

One of the top zoos of the world. Singapore Zoo has a bit of everything, including Polar Bears. Half way through is a kids water park as well, which helps cool the day considerably before you keep on truckin'. Admission approx: Adults with tram - $20, Child with tram - $13.00, under 3 free. You can also get park hoppers including the Night Safari. 


4. Hard Rock Hotel Pool, Sentosa

If you are staying on Sentosa you should head to Hard Rock Hotel's pool facilities. They have, from what I counted, over 4 pools, including a beach pool and a kid's water playground with slide. We spent half a day here, relaxing and swimming and playing. Admission: Free.

5. Night Safari

Ok so this is a 50/50. Some mums have kids that love to stay up all night, in which case this is an amazing attraction. My kids don't do so well after 7pm and therefore did not enjoy the Night Safari. However we did take our 9 month old once and she loved it, as much as we did. The kids favourite part of this night was the fire show put on beside the restaurant. Admission approx: Adult $45, Children: $30. Kids under 4 are free, bonus!

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