The Ultimate Guide To Bali Villas For Australians

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We love Bali! I mean Bali is so close to our old home town, it's cheap and it's gorgeous. We have loads of articles on Bali, but this complete guide is a great compliment. 

Every villa is different in Bali. While the services at the villa may be similar, it is the nuances which tend to be overlooked that make all the differences. The neighbourhood, villa’s design, pool’s size, extra services, etc. these all play an important part in your Bali experience. Not sure where to go or which villa to choose? Here, we have compiled a complete guide of Australian’s locations in Bali, and how you can choose the best Bali villas for your vacation.

1. Seminyak

One of the most popular destinations for Australians, Seminyak has always been known for its collection of boutique shops, galleries and restaurants. It is also home to some of the best dining places in Bali and a mix of high-quality spas.

Activities: Restaurants, beach, spa, shopping, cooking course and night life

Why you should stay in Seminyak: Staying in a villa in Seminyak gives you the access to everything convenient. If you like to soak in the young, vibrant vibe, this is the place to go.

Popular places nearby: Oberoi ‘Eat Street’

Family-friendly villas: Sahana Villa Dua, Villa Seriska Dua Seminyak, Villa Basilio

2. Ubud

Ubud has gained quite a lot of attention in the travel community these recent years. The cultural hub of Bali, artful, serene and creative, Ubud is a feast for the soul.

Activities: Palaces, temples, museums, galleries, cooking classes, yoga, spas and salons, shopping, restaurants, hiking

Why you should stay in Ubud: Surrounded by lush green fields, Ubud is the place to be for those who seek a peaceful getaway in the middle of Bali’s nature.

Popular places nearby: Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud Palace, Agung Rai Museum of Art

Family-friendly villas: Villa Kamaniiya, Villa Amrita, Hartland Estate

Ubud Monkey Forest

3. Canggu

Located in the North of Kerobokan, Canggu gains its popularity for being home to Echo Beach, the most popular surfing destination in Bali. Characterised by hipster cafes blending seamlessly into swaying rice fields, Canggu brings you the mix of dynamic activities and tranquillity.

Activities: Surfing, horseback riding, cooking classes, sunset watching

Why you should stay in Canggu: This is definitely a place to be if you like surfing or want a peaceful getaway but will close to the centre of activities.

Popular places nearby: Echo beach, Canggu Club, Bali Equestrian Center, Tanah Lot Temple

Family-friendly villas: Villa Merayu, Villa Kubu Bidadari, Villa Frangipani

4. Kerobokan

North of the fashionable Seminyak, Kerobokan is the combination of peaceful rice fields, stylish villas and food universe.

Activities: Leisured cafes, restaurants, shopping, spas, horseback riding

Why you should stay in Kerobokan: The area is ideal for those who like to be away from Seminyak, but still want to enjoy the convenience of having some of Bali’s best restaurants and cafes around.

Popular places nearby: Seminyak

Family-friendly villas: Villa Alea, Villa Galante, Villa Umah Daun


5. Kuta & Legian

Crowded, exciting and frenetic, those are just a few adjectives people think of when they describe Kuta and Legian. Being the most popular tourist gathering spots, Kuta has a plenitude of cafes, surf shops and branded goods.

Activities: restaurants, cafes, surfing, nightlife, shopping, spas, sunset watching

Why you should stay in Kuta: If you are interested in unrestrained parties and busy all-out evenings, Kuta gives you a wide range of bar and beach clubs to burn your energy.

Popular places nearby: Waterbom, Ground Zero Memorial, BeachWalk Shopping Center

Family-friendly villas: Villa Skye Dee, Villa Varuna, Villa Suliac

6. Uluwatu

More than a favourite spot for day-trippers and honeymooners, Uluwatu has some of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. You will be able to witness breath-taking sunsets and views of the Indian Ocean.

Activities: surfing, Kecak dance

Why you should stay in Uluwatu: The area has a completely different vibe from Seminyak and Kuta. If you like to enjoy life in a laid-back manner, with a book by the beach, definitely check this out.

Popular places nearby: Uluwatu temple, Padang Padang beach, Suluban beach

Family-friendly villas: Villa Anugrah, Villa Aum, Sunset Villa

Overlooking Uluwatu

7. Nusa Dua

Literally translated as “Two Islands”, Nusa Dua is comprised of two raised headlands.

Entering the area, you will be welcomed by an enclave of 5-star resorts and hotels.

Activities: Spa, surfing, restaurants, water sports

Why you should stay in Nusa Dua: If you are looking for a completely different experience from the rest of the island, come to Nusa Dua.

Popular places nearby: Nusa Dua Islands, Nusa Dua Beach, Geger Temple

Family-friendly villas: Villa Alamanda Bali, Villa Cempaka Benoa, Villa Sunset

8. Jimbaran

Located in the south of Kuta area, Jimbaran possesses an alluring crescent stretch of white sand beach. There are 3 seafood warungs along this beach, offering fresh barbequed seafood every evening. For those who love a sunset dinner by the sea, this is the place to be.

Activities: Restaurants, produce market, fish market

Why you should stay in Jimbaran:  The area is perfect for those who enjoy the lights of Kuta and Seminyak but also want some quiet space in their holiday.

Popular places nearby: Pura Ulun Siwi Temple, Ganeesha Gallery

Family-friendly villas: Villa Adenium, Villa Jamalu, Villa Aiko

9. Sanur

Pristine coastline, aquamarine waters, Sanur is considered the “just right” place to be in Bali. It is not so frantic like Kuta but also has a good mix of restaurants and bars.

Activities: surfing, diving, spa, restaurants

Why you should stay in Sanur:

Popular places nearby: Beachfront Walk, Stone Pillar

Family-friendly villas: Villa Leha Leha, Villa Banyan, Villa Arimbi


10. Ketewel

13 kilometre from Sanur, Ketewel includes a string of traditional fishing villages. There are no western-styled restaurants in the area, giving you an authentic Balinese experience.

Why you should stay in Ketewel: If you would like to experience the traditional Bali, definitely check out this rustic area.

Family-friendly villas: Villa Puri Nirwana, Villa Majapahit Nataraja, Villa Pushpapuri

11. Amed

Tucked away in the East of the island, Amed is a relaxing area with small fishing villages.

Activities: yoga, diving, snorkelling, trekking

Why you should stay in Amed: The area is great to host a yoga retreat or a diving trip with friends. Places like Jemeluk offer you a stunning view of the coral reef and plentiful fish to admire.

Popular places nearby: historic site of a sunken Japanese fishing boat, Jemeluk viewpoint

Family-friendly villas: Villa Pantai, Villa Ashling


12. Candidasa

Charming and placid, Candidasa attracts more matured visitors who are looking for a quiet getaway. The area is also close to great diving spots with colourful, untouched marine life.

Activities: Beach, diving, snorkelling, spa, sightseeing

Why you should stay in Candidasa: The area is suitable for those who want to be away from the hustle bustle and be close to nature.

Popular places nearby: Goa Lawah Temple, Lempuyang Temple, Candidasa Lotus Lagoon, Taman Ujung Water Palace

Family-friendly villas: Villa Jukung, Villa Lucia, Villa Gils

13. Lovina

Located in the North of Bali, Lovina is the polar opposite of the vibrant Kuta: tradition, slow-paced and serene.

Activities: diving, snorkelling, beach, hiking, dolphin watching

Why you should stay in Lovina: If you are keen on diving, snorkelling of dolphin watching, Lovina offers some of the most beautiful locations for those.

Popular places nearby: Lovina Beach

Family-friendly villas: Villa Bloom, Villa Naora, Villa Aparna

Lovina - Public Domain, CCO

14. Pemuteran

The far North East corner of Bali hides Pemuteran, an oasis of artful resorts and villas. Similar to Lovina, it is a sleepy mix of traditional Balinese life and tourism. Visitors who come to Pemuteran tend to look for a secluded beach getaway.

Activities: Diving, snorkelling

Why you should stay in Pemuteran: The area is great for those who love diving and snorkelling. It is also ideal for a peaceful holiday away from the crowd.

Popular places nearby: Pemuteran Beach, Menjangan Island

Family-friendly villas: Villa Bali il Mare, Villa Jeda, Villa Beten Bukit

15. Tabanan

Tabanan is renowned for being the centre of dancing and gamelan playing. Although it’s hard to find performances on a daily basis, you will be able to catch a glimpse of Balinese culture in related museums

Activities: Temples, hiking, museums

Why you should stay in Tabanan: If you are interested in a cultural tour to understand more about the Island of God, Tabanan will be able to quench your intellectual thirst.

Popular places nearby: Mandala Mathika Subak, Subak Museum, Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Pura Luhur Batukaru, Tanah Lot Temple           

Family-friendly villas: The Lotus Residence, Villa Sunset Golf, Villa Surya

16. Balian

The long stretch of Balian beach is ideal for surfers, with rolling, consistent waves. The area also has a lot of accommodation options and restaurants, but it is not as crowded as Kuta.

Activities: Surfing, cafes, sunset watching

Why you should stay in Balian: Ideal for surfers, however, Balian is also great for those who love chilling in a quaint café or sunset watching.

Popular places nearby: Balian beach

Family-friendly villas: Villa Tao, Villa Yuyu, Villa Lalang

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