Settling into Jimbaran, Bali: Beautiful Holiday Villa

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So a week ago we moved to Jimbaran. We are staying in a gorgeous villa just off the main Jimbaran road in a quite suburban neighbourhood. We left behind the rice paddies, trees and quiet for barking dogs, traffic and noise. But we also left behind insects, mossie bites and the middle of nowhere to a modern, insect-less home right between Kuta & Nusa Dua.

The house is a 2 storey villa with a gated front. It has 3 bedrooms and attached to each bedroom is 3 bathrooms. Each bedroom also has an aircon, a television, a wardrobe and space. The master bedroom has a Super King Size bed, which is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. The second & third bedrooms also have kings. 2 rooms are upstairs with a small sitting area and bar fridge; the other room is downstairs with the living (another TV), dining and kitchen (with a microwave!)

I was a bit nervous about having my youngest sleep down the bottom with us up the top, but the house is quite lockable and safe. And after a week I am satisfied with the security.

The only concern some Aussies may have is that the pool is unfenced and straight out the living room door, which my 2 year old can not open, but my 3 year old can. Luckily he is the avid water baby and she is a lot more cautious, still we have to keep one eye on them at all times.

The pool sits just outside our lounge in the gated front yard. It is so lovely having our own pool and the kids are in there once, twice, sometimes 3 times a day. We have yet to gain the confidence of a skinny dip, but my husband is always suggesting it and the kids constantly do.

The house comes with bottled water, electricity, gas and a cleaner comes everyday.  We also have hired a car again, since the house is a little far from the restaurants for the kids to walk, but as usual we have found fantastic delivery options ($1.50 Nasi Goreng & Mie Goreng / $2 Sweet n Sour Chicken) & it’s minutes in the car.

We are close to millions of mini marts and several giant shopping centers. Kuta is 15 minutes away, as well as the Bali Galeria Mall & Discovery Mall. Hardys Plaza is about ten minutes down the road in Nusa Dua, as well as Bali Collection – which is an exclusive shopping area in a pristine gated community with road rules and paved streets!

The Owner of the Villa is an Australian and you will have to negotiate the rent price with him. It’s based on how long, etc. We negotiated quite well since we wanted it for the month. Same with the car, I managed to get the guy down to 150,000 rp per day (approx. $16 Aust).

I feel much more at home in jimbaran then I did in Ubud. I am not sure whether it is living in a suburb again or maybe just the modern housing, but whatever peace leuded me in the tranquil, yoga town of Ubud found it’s place here in Jimbaran. 

This first week has flown by as we had quite a bit of work to catch up on. We found the kids a daycare/school program, visited some shopping malls, the famous Jimbaran Beach and all of a sudden it’s Saturday! 

It does help that midway the Owner put us up in a hotel, due to some minor water problems at the house…. See next blog!

Jimbaran Beach

Our visit to Jimbaran Beach was beautiful. We got there at about 5:30pm just as the sun was setting and grabbed a table on the beach right out front, close to the water. Mia played in the waves as the sun sunk lower towards the ocean. The corn cart vendors on the beach fanned the smoke away from their carts and joined by all the seafood restaurants there was a soft smeary haze over the beach. By the end of the night my hair stunk of smoke, but it was not overpowering there on the water. The glow turned orange and soon it was dark, but the beauty didn't fade. Hundreds of candles lined the tables on the beach and the whole beach front turned into a twinkling wonderland from one end all the way to the cliffs and beyond. 



Our food was quick and delicious and we were happy that the majoroity of restaurants served other items then seafood, which we are not fans of. The corn cob was not as nice as the ones we had on the street carts. It was dry and more expensive. $1 for one, not two like we usually get. But the view, the beauty, the serenity. 

Even if you don't like seafood definitely visit Jimbaran Beach at sundown, it was magnificant!

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