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What is your key things you have to have when looking for a hotel? For us wifi is number one, usually bed size and breakfast are close. I don't care about TV's any more. I use to. Thanks to Dan for this checklist. 

The hotel you book for your vacation can make or break that vacation.

We all want to spend that yearly time away from work the best way possible and your experiences of the part of the world you are visiting will be largely influenced by the accommodation you book – coming back to a clean and cozy hotel room after a busy day in the city or after a wonderful day of hiking or snorkeling, having a hearty breakfast in the hotel restaurant before you set off for new adventures and enjoying a tasty dinner to crown your day makes all the difference.

The same can be said about the opposite, too – a filthy hotel room, a lousy restaurant, unfriendly hotel staff or facilities that you have paid for, but are missing can ruin even the most perfect day of your vacation.

To avoid being disappointed, here are a few tips about what to look for in a hotel to be able to really enjoy your holiday.


Many hotels choose to advertise their rooms not only at travel agencies, but also on booking websites, allowing you to check out rates and facilities quickly. Make sure you know exactly what is included in the rate you have found. Does it include meals? Is the breakfast continental, full English, Scandinavian-style buffet? Do you get free access to facilities such as the pool? – these are all very important questions and the best booking platforms provide all the information that you need.


Your choice of accommodation should depend on many factors, with location being among the most important aspects to consider. Make sure you choose the location of your hotel based on the activities you are planning for your vacation – if you want to visit attractions that are in the city center, choose a hotel that is close the central area, especially in large cities, to avoid having to spend long hours commuting; if it is a beach vacation that you are planning, it is a good idea to choose a hotel that is close to the beach, it is the beach that you want to enjoy and not the city traffic.

Facilities Offered by the Hotel

It is a good idea to find out as much as you can about the amenities offered by the hotel you are considering. Wi-Fi connections, for example, are pretty much standard these days, but even so, don’t assume anything, check it out. Make sure you determine your priorities in terms of the activities you have in mind – if you are planning a lazy vacation, look for a hotel that has a pool or a wellness center with sauna and massage; if you are planning to spend most of your vacation visiting attractions outside the hotel, make sure that your room provides all the comfort that you need to be able to relax and prepare for the next adventure. And ensure there are no bed bugs! 

The easiest and safest way to find and book the hotel room that meets all your expectations is by using a reliable booking platform, such as Traveloka. The website provides detailed and accurate information about the rooms they list – just enter your preferences in the search window and browse the offers. Walla! 

Remember there is so much more then a location these details and you have the right to be choosy. So go out there and find a good one! 

Dan is an avid traveller. He loves to explore new places with the best possible budget. 

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