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We can certainly agree with Thailand being a great destination with children. As for Croatia & the Himalayas, well we will have to give those ones ago.

Family holidays should never be a chore. Spending some quality time with your children away from the stress and strain of everyday life can be extremely rewarding, and you'll take away fond memories that are likely to stay with you for a very long time.

As kids get older, they become more independent and also more demanding when it comes to holidays. They want activities, and lots of them. They need something that will stimulate their increasingly inquisitive minds, as well as burn off all that excess energy.

Choosing a holiday that caters to your children's youthful exuberance and thirst for adventure, as well as your own preferences, should set the scene for an unforgettable break.

Here are three great ideas for family holidays, with plenty of action to keep youngsters occupied...

Get active in Croatia

This excursion in one of Europe's most beautiful countries has something for all the family. Based in a rural hamlet close to Croatia's famous Dalmatian coast, the holiday includes opportunities to go kayaking and whitewater rafting against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty. There is also the chance to try canyoning - the act of traversing a canyon by walking, climbing and jumping - at the Cetina Gorge.

The trip has activities for those who prefer less energetic pursuits as well, with optional trips to the historic coastal towns of Trogir and Omis on the itinerary. Children must be at least eight years old to enjoy this holiday, which begins and ends in Split. It's worth remembering that anyone wishing to participate in the kayaking and rafting activities must be able to swim 25 metres unaided.


An adventure in Thailand

You can get a real taste of Thailand's diverse and vibrant cultures by embarking on a 15-day itinerary that takes in everything from bustling Bangkok to elephant rides through rice paddies and Thai cookery lessons. Suitable for children aged six and above, this trip allows you to experience the unique customs of the hill tribes living in the jungles of northern Thailand.

If that isn't enough, then you'll also be able to visit the Lampang elephant sanctuary and relax on the sandy beaches of Ko Samet. The excursion, which starts and finishes in Bangkok, includes two overnight train journeys. After two days in the Thai capital, you'll travel north to the city of Chiang Mai and the famous Doi Suthep hillside temple.


Discover the Himalayas

Have you always wanted to explore Nepal? If so, you can do just that even with children in tow. A country with much to delight travellers of all ages, Nepal offers highlights such as historic Kathmandu, where you can visit the famous bazaars and old temples of the city accompanied by a local guide if you visit Explore Worldwide and book through them.

Later on, young daredevils will love the optional rafting trip on the Trisuli River, which passes through some exciting rapids and scenic gorges. Another option on the itinerary is the chance to board an early-morning flight to see Mount Everest in all its splendour.

The holiday includes a series of rewarding treks between some of Nepal's Gurung villages, sleeping in traditional teahouses along the way. You'll also visit the Chitwan National Park, which is home to a fascinating array of wildlife including tigers and rhinos. The minimum age for this adventure is seven years old.


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