The Top 5 Things You Can Do In North Dakota With Kids For An Unforgettable Experience

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As we prepare for our mother-of-all-road-trips we are doing a lot of research on different parts of the US. North Dakota is on the list! 

When it comes to lands of legend, North Dakota perfectly fits the bill. With the famous legends of the Indians of the Northern Plains, of Lewis and Clark and how they found the huge lake Sakakawea, and the badlands which Theodore Roosevelt himself said that they strengthen characters, this place will definitely provide you with an unforgettable experience. Fortunately, there are also many great places to see with your kids, so if you are going on a vacation with your family, then there are certainly many things to do and see in this legendary state.

Badlands Hiking. Photo by North Dakota Tourism/Jim Gallop

1. Take your kids fishing

North Dakota is a place where some of the world-class anglers come to test their skills. You could strengthen your bonds with your kids by taking them fishing. You can choose to show your kids Lake Sakakawea – the largest man-made lake in the States or you can take them to Devils Lake which is actually the largest natural lake in Dakota. There are plenty of other great lakes to explore with your kids and teach them the value of getting back to nature.

2. Visit the Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm

When it comes to learning, the Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm always makes it fun. Your kids can learn history and see exhibits, while also playing and having loads of fun. There are also many activities conducted in one of the comfortable rooms where the atmosphere will stimulate your kids’ creativity. There are also many things to do outdoors, since the museum has more than 55 acres of land and it can provide your kids with a lot of fun thanks to its playgrounds, carousel or miniature train.

3. Provide your kids with a history lesson by going to the North Dakota Heritage Center

Another great thing do to when in this great state is to go visit the North Dakota Heritage Center. Your kids won’t be the only ones impressed, as you will certainly be amazed to see the exhibits dating back to the time of dinosaurs and even see Dalota - a rare mummified dinosaur with skin, bones and tendons that were perfectly preserved in limestone.

4. Take your kids to see The Buffalo

If you’re going to the Jefferson Frontier Village, then your kids won’t be able to miss the 60 ton buffalo sculpture. The Buffalo was created to draw the attention of people, and it sure worked, as hordes of visitors come here every week to see it.

5. Show your kids the Theodore Roosevelt National Park

If you come to North Dakota, then you definitely can’t miss going to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This is not only one of the most beautiful nature sights your kids would ever see, but also the place where the popular president spent an important part of his life and which he made so many efforts to preserve intact. Your kids will truly be inspired and so will you.

So don’t miss these 5 attractions and things to do if you take your kids with you to North Dakota - each one will truly be something you will all remember!

Forever travelling and trotting the globe, Sarah Black has a passion for all things cultural and one day hopes to turn her hobby into a career. This post was sponsored by North Dakota tourism.

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Sounds like you have a great road trip ahead of you Erin! The scenery looks wonderful, and these 5 top things to do with your kids should be very enriching for all the family.

Jackie-888 Aug 20th, 2015

Hopefully the kids are better than fishing than I am!! My skills are admittedly lacking but whenever I see kids doing it they always seem to be having a blast! Great to see there are so many options for outdoor activities there.

Vanessa Aug 20th, 2015

That first photograph of the Badlands is so enticing. What a fabulous area for hiking. And the mummified dinosaur sounds fascinating. I'd love to see that one day.

Kathryn Burrington Aug 20th, 2015

I don't know North Dakota at all but the scenery in that first picture looks stunning... if that's typical of the state as a whole, it looks like it could be my kind of place!

Paul ( @luxury__travel ) Aug 21st, 2015

Bet you and the children had a great time in North Dakota. Anyone who says that traveling is not a brilliant education for children is way off the mark. Look at what they see and do.

Paula McInerney Aug 21st, 2015

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