Join Us As We Conquer US & Canada In 2015 (Plus How We Flew From Asia To The US For Just $412pp)

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We are doing it.

The Mother Of All Road Trips. #motherofallroadtrips

USA. Canada. 12 months.

So you want to know where we are going?

We have a multitude of fans in the US and Canada and if we could visit each one we would. So let’s make life easier and I’ll let you know where we are going to be over the coming year so that if we do happen to be in your neck of the woods, perhaps we can meet.

How Much Did It Cost?

First things first. I’ve been intensely monitoring the flight prices to the US for months to get an idea of what was going to be the best way to get there.

In the end I couldn’t beat the price we found from Kuwait Airways. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Kuwait City: 7 hours and 45 mins

Layover: 2 hours and 55 minutes

Kuwait City to New York, USA: 13 hours and 20 minutes

Total: MYR 6,207.60 (AUD $2,166 or US $1,650)

That’s US$412 per person! 

It’s going to be a long flight and I believe there is no in-seat power; so I’m hoping the laptop batteries will survive. They do promise above-average legroom on the upside, which would be a welcome bonus considering my 6 foot 9 (205cm) husband.

What First?

We will be arriving in New York City on 19th June. We won’t be spending long there, because we have a housesitting assignment in New Brunswick, Canada, starting 25th June. We will be in town just long enough to (hopefully) get over our jet lag, catch up with family, pick up a bunch of items we’ve purchased online (hurray for Amazon!), hire a car and embark on our epic road trip.

Hiring a car in the US has been far more complicated than other countries we have been to. I’ll write some tips about that in a future post. 

So Where Will We Be In 2015?

Our year is going to look something like this:


flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png New York , Boston, USA 

canada-20clip-20art-canada.jpg New Brunswick, Canada 

canada-20clip-20art-canada.jpg Nova Scotia, Quebec, Montreal, OttawaCanada 

I (Erin) will return to New York for 5 days to collect a prestigious blogging award. I will also be attending BlogHer and BloggerBash. Josh and the kids will remain in Canada.


canada-20clip-20art-canada.jpg Toronto, Canada

flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png Indiana, Kentucky, USA


Flying to the west coast…

flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png Oregon, USA

Picking up on the locations we missed on our previous Pacific Northwest road trip

flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png Washington, USA

And then back to Canada…

canada-20clip-20art-canada.jpg British Colombia, Alberta, Canada


canada-20clip-20art-canada.jpg Manitoba, Canada

Heading south as the temperature drops…

flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, USA


flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, USA


flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png Massachusetts, USA

flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png Meeting family in New York City for Christmas and New Years Eve. 

And What About 2016?

Plans are pretty fluid at this stage, but depending on our visa situation we plan on escaping the winter blues by road tripping south from New York towards the Deep South:


flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, USA

(Maybe a detour to the Caribbean or Mexico if it's too cold)


flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, USA


flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and back to Oregon, USA

flags-clip-art-HeartFlag.png California, USA

We will most likely fly out of Los Angeles towards Asia after spending an absolutely incredible year of discovery in Canada and the US. P.S. We did get a US Visa so we can stay longer, we knew 3 months would not be enough. 

So where do you fit into this picture?

Do you have a housesitting assignment for us?

Shall we meet for dinner?

Is there a state you can’t wait for us to write about?

Please fill us in with your comments below. We can’t wait to share our next epic road trip with you. The mother of all road trips!

Reader Comments...

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How exciting! Can't wait to see you in the states!

Rhiannon Jun 9th, 2015

Nooooooo!! You are skipping Alberta!!!
You are going to miss Banff National Park (Alberta), the Calgary Zoo and West Edmonton Mall (cause who doesn't love shopping lol) tho truly Edmonton is spectacular in the summer.
And if you skip PEI you will miss Green Gables Heritage Place (PEI).
In Toronto if you go to Canada's Wonderland (amusement park) buy your tickets ahead of time online and they will be cheaper.
Toronto Urban Adventures has some great walking tours. When we were there they had a free two hour tour as well that you had to register ahead for.
While in Ontario you might want to make a trip out to the Saugeen shores on Lake Huron. Its about a 4 hour drive from Toronto.
All of these locations are beautiful places to visit. (Banff National park) (Green Gables) (Saugeen Shores)
If you don't make it to Alberta on this trip PLEASE include on your next!!

Kari Jun 9th, 2015

Erin- can you get a portable charger/power bank for your devices? That is a lonnnnng time in transit!

Sue in San Diego Jun 9th, 2015

Hi Erin, we're doing the USA/Canada Road trip as well :) Should be crossing paths around August / September 2015
Currently in Colorado, would be good to catch up and share stories, cheers Marles Family

Tony Marles Jun 9th, 2015

I won't be around your 2015 part in Oregon, but for the 2016 Oregon leg, we could work together to check #18 off my Travel Bucket List! (

Jessica Lippe Jun 9th, 2015

Consider including Wisconsin in that October swing, perfect time to see the beautiful fall colors! :)

Alana Jun 10th, 2015

That's an epic trip! What did you do about visas and being able to stay longer than 3 months? (I'm assuming you are all travelling on regular Australian passports.)

James Jun 10th, 2015

This is such an exciting adventure and I cannot wait to follow along. And whaaat - those flights are amazing!

Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages Jun 10th, 2015

Sounds like an awesome road trip!! If you guys come anywhere near Chattanooga, Tennessee let me know. Would love to meet up and show you my city!

Cory Lee Jun 10th, 2015

Thanks everyone I have answered all of you privately on email.
@James - we got a US Visa =

admin Jun 10th, 2015

That's just amazing!! I hope to do this one day with my family!! It's ine of the reasons I wanted to homeschool. I'll see you in July in NYC, but when you pass Florida we should definitely get together!

Victoria Jun 10th, 2015

Come visit us in South Florida! We will show you around. and Jan-March is a great time to be here. The weather is fantastic :)

Nicole Jun 10th, 2015

Hey! We live in Central Ohio but are originally from Amish Country, OH. I'd love to show your family around there! It shouldn't be far out of your way for July (but maybe better for Nov)!

Leah Yoder Jun 13th, 2015

Love your blog, your travels are inspirational. Sure hope I can catch up with your guys over some sushi in Vancouver, BC!!

Cher Jun 13th, 2015

You guys are welcome to stay with us in Mississippi. Would love to share an exchange of each others' lives. Give us some form of advance lead if you choose to take us up on the offer.

Nate Bender Jun 16th, 2015

Josh and Erin have a great trip. You will love Canada . Too bad you are on the wrong side of Minnesota to see the best side unless you like farmland. Have a awesome,enjoyable trip.

Joseph Bender Jun 18th, 2015

Hey there! you know I've already mentioned you have a place with us in South Florida! Excited to follow you across the USA! :) Welcome!

Jen Jun 19th, 2015

Okay guys, are you intentionally skipping our old stomping grounds? Ha! Well, if you hit San Francisco, then all is forgiven as that is my "real" home town. So way off in 2016, when you get to Utah, let me know. I've got family there, in the south near Zion Park. I want to do this trip! ;-) have fun, we will just explore Europe while you are in the USA.

Heidi Wagoner Jun 28th, 2015

Hi Erin,
Can you email me privately, I have some information that may be helpful re your visa. We are currently in Spokane WA heading up to the Okanagen Valley in Canafa on Thursday.
Tony from Brissie

Tony Marles Aug 18th, 2015

We are just outside of Oklahoma City. Let's meet. Lunch, dinner, day at the zoo?

Maria Chamberlain Nov 10th, 2015

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