Top Family Friendly Destinations in Europe

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We love Europe. We have spent most of 2014 discovering it's family friendly vibe. We love that Mary has included the obvious and tossed in an unknown at the end. 

A holiday alone can be stressful; an overseas vacation to Europe with the kids in tow – now that just has traumatic potential written all over it. Between needing to navigate your way through unfamiliar streets, struggling with strollers with an excess of bags, and attempting to feed them exotic cuisine, you can be forgiven for wanting to keep your holiday local.

But what if the purpose of your trip is getting your kids to experience another culture unlike their own? What European cities are suitable for them, while allowing you to squeeze in plenty of adult time? Read on to find out.


Many words come to mind when one thinks of London. Once you’ve got past cold, damp, and fish and chips, you’re next string of phrases should ideally consist of those associated with vibrancy, multiculturalism and downright hipness. On one hand, London is the leading destination for fashion, finance and politics – not very exciting for a family holiday. However, on the other end of the spectrum, London has a plethora of attractions and experiences that the family will relish in. For example, the wee ones can wave to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, ride the giant London Eye, and uncover the world of Harry Potter through a behind the scenes movie tour. Remember to organise a travel money card through someone like Travel Money Oz, the last thing you want is to be charged extortionist credit card rates on everything you purchase.



While the average target market for a sensuous Mediterranean holiday may be more-so geared towards twenty-somethings looking for a totally awesome Catalonian experience, that doesn’t mean that travelling families are left out. Quite the contrary actually. With a rich and accessible history, vivacious art, flamboyant architecture, and loads of play-time sweeteners, Barcelona sets the scene for an idyllic family vacay. Don’t forget, Barcelona is besieged with stunning shorelines and deep azure waters – perfect for a day out on a yacht or simply digging massive holes in the sand. One final note: A visit with kids to Barcelona is not complete without paying a visit to their very own chocolate factory.


The Danish capital is essentially a city for kids. Not too big, easy to explore, super relaxed, and many attractions are designed with kids in mind! In Copenhagen, you’ll find the worlds oldest amusement park, that boasts lush woodlands, plenty of green areas, rides galore, and 2,000 free range deers.


Bernese Oberland

If you and your family lean towards the active and adventurous side of the spectrum, then you cannot go past Bernese (or Berner) Oberland. When it comes to postcard idealisms, Swiss cities truly put them to shame, surpassing anything an advertiser can fit into a four-by-six piece of paper. This rugged region features glorious panoramic vistas, gingerbread chalets, natural wonders, and is best spent on a pair of skis whilst soaring down one of the snow-capped mountains. It is a great place to learn to snowboard or ski, with many resorts offering lessons for kids. You never know, you might have the next Shaun White in your family.

Have you been to any one of these family-friendly destinations? What sights and experiences would you recommend for families? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Mary Holmes is a writing enthusiast. Currently residing in the UK with her 3 children she enjoys using every long weekend to explore a new European country.

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