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Top Things To See & Do In Bali, For That Unforgettable Experience

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We are Bali lovers. We have been ten times and I can't wait for the next time I can go. But when Emily asked to write about her passion for this beautiful place we couldn't say no. It's always great to get another opinion.  

If you’re planning to go to Indonesia, then you definitely need to see Bali as well. This island and province is a small piece of paradise. With friendly locals, tasty local cuisine, lots of outdoor activities and places to hang out after sun set, Bali is the go-to holiday destination that will provide you with lots of exciting things to do.

My favourite place in Bali is Ubud. I love to stay at Bebek Tepi Sawah, indulge in a spa and be at one with nature. But there is so much more on offer in Bali beside the peace of Ubud. Here are some other favourites: 


Interact with locals

If you truly want to get a sense of the place, then you need to mingle with the locals. There are lots of friendly people around, and you can find a lot of English-speaking locals. Find out about the habits of the place, what the best restaurant to eat a traditional dish, or even have one prepared by a local. There are lots of things you can learn firsthand about the Balinese way of life, you just need to interact with people.

Indulge in local cuisine

You definitely want to try out some local dishes while in Bali. There are lots of local clubs and restaurants where you can try mouthwatering dishes such as Babi Guling (spit roasted pig with spices), Sate Lilit (which is spiced mince which is served on lemongrass sticks) or Ayam Betutu (tender chicken meat which is slowly cooked in banana leaves).

Go see the Bali Arts Festival

There is no better way to learn about Balinese culture other than going to see the Bali Arts Festival. You get to see how Bali celebrates its tradition and culture in an annual event held from June to July. Cultural performances, dances, handicraft exhibitions and other forms of art abound, and will give you a sense of the place while also making the experience richer.

Climb the famous Mount Batur

You don’t have to be an experience climber to witness the sheer beauty of Bali from up above. You get to climb the famous Mount Batur at Kintamani and see the forests and the beautiful lake which mirrors the scenery. The volcanic mountain has a lot to offer, from exciting adventures through the forest to the majestic view at the altitude of 1,700 meters. 


Get a drink in Ayana Bar on Rocks

You don’t have to be on the run all the time, so when you want to relax and enjoy a drink, you have lots of beach clubs such as Ayana Bar on Rocks. This unique bar is perched on a cliff that overlooks the calm and beautiful see. You can drink a cocktail or a cold beer while watching the waves braking into the cliffs and talk to other tourists about their experiences there.


Get surfing lessons on Kuta Beach

While Bali sure has a lovely beach to get a sun tan, you might want to make something different such as learn to surf. Bali is certainly a prime location for surfing lessons, fit for beginners. You also get to see the corals and ride the waves breaking over the golden sands.


Emily Barker is a Uni student in Australia who visits Bali every chance she get's. That's at least twice a year for the last 3 years. Her hope is to one day retire in the rice paddies of Ubud. 

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