Our Guide on Where to Travel This Summer

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When planning on going away, there are so many places you can visit.

You could head to France and try some French cuisine, head to London and visit the many famous sights like Big Ben or enjoy a beach break in Spain or Greece - the possibilities are endless.

The question is where to start? A good place to start is deciding what you would like to do: do you want to try some good food? Are you looking to see some historical sites? Are you looking for nice beaches? What activities can you do etc? Then there is the mode of transport - would you like to treat yourself to a Privatflight to France or are you looking to do a road trip and drive to the said destination?  

Below we look into where to travel this summer.


To start with, France is a wonderful destination to visit in the summer. There is so much to see and do and many beautiful cities to stay in. Paris is, of course, a must but then you have other places like Montpellier, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Monte Carlo and so on. Touching on the above, start to think about what you would like to do and then find the best city to match these interests. For example, Bordeaux is ideal for trying different cuisine and wines whereas Montpellier has some gorgeous beaches for you to relax and enjoy a cocktail (or two). 


The capital of England, London is a city that many tourists flock to each year. No matter the time of the year you are travelling, London will not let you down. It’s known for having great restaurants, many historical sights, plenty of upmarket shops and luxurious hotels - we would recommend a hotel near the London Eye for some incredible views. You could stay in London for a long weekend, a few days or a week, however long you’ll have a lovely break away. And London is good for romantic breaks away, family breaks away as well as solo travel.


Majorca ticks the boxes for both city lovers as well as travellers who are looking for beach breaks. Palma is the main city in Majorca which offers plenty to guests looking to stay and a short drive from Palma is Alcudia, the ideal place for a beach break. In fact, we would argue Alcudia has some of the most beautiful beaches in Majorca - crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and it’s very kid friendly. July to September is when the weather is best in Majorca and Palma. Although, Palma can be visited all year round due to it being city-like. If you’ve had any travel gifts bought for you, Majorca is the place to bring them to.

Above are three and many places that we would recommend travelling to this summer. We would always recommend you do your research when booking to ensure the destination offers everything you would like to see on a breakaway. 

Where are you planning on travelling to this summer? Will you be trying any of the above three destinations? Let us know in the comment box below.

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