11 Travel Gift Ideas for Men Under $200 in 2021

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Whether you want to buy something awesome that your boyfriend or husband will fall in love with at once, or you’re looking to impress your dad and get him that cool travel backpack he always wanted, you have a lot of options at your disposal.

If you also want to avoid spending too much of your hard-earned cash, you’re sure to find something of interest among our top picks for the best travel gift ideas for men that are under $200.

1. A Stylish and Affordable Watch

The good news if you’re buying an affordable watch is that the best watches under $200 will look and feel extremely refined. If your man likes a good time piece, you can surprise him with one of the top-quality watches from Nordgreen. Designed by Jakob Wagner, these best-selling Danish watches are highly accurate and resilient, so they’ll hold up during the harshest travels. Moreover, Nordgreen watches are considered to be luxury watches despite the overall low price, and their refinement and impressive craftsmanship is sure to make them stand out and evoke admiration from fellow travelers.

2. That Cool World Map Poster

What traveler doesn’t like a high-quality travel map, especially if it’s large, detailed and placed right above their favorite desk? World map posters featuring country flags, important routes, measurements and essential travel-related information can be found at surprisingly affordable prices, and you’ll find them to be one of the preferred gifts that any travel enthusiast will want.

3. A Sturdy Hiking Backpack

Lots of people enjoy backpacking, and even those who don’t will still enjoy the idea of owning a good quality, waterproof backpack. Travelers who like being spontaneous might decide to go on a quick road trip to the countryside, and that’s the perfect time for just quickly placing all of their essentials into a compact backpack full of handy pockets and take off on an exciting adventure.

4. Men’s Everyday Shoes

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve just landed in an awesome city like Paris or New York City and you don’t have a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes to allow you to explore all the lesser known areas? A good pair of travel shoes or boots might be the best gift for travelers who love to go exploring on foot rather than through bus tours or by renting a car. If your man has trouble walking long distances, you can consider getting him one of Vessi’s waterproof shoes or a quality pair of boots built for long hiking journeys.

5. A Weighted Sleep Mask

When you’re traveling, it’s a good idea to have a sleep mask ready, in case you have trouble sleeping or your sleep schedule gets thrown out of order. Sleep masks come in all shapes and sizes, but the best approach is to buy a high-quality weighted sleep mask that will throw a little added pressure into the mix to help trigger that refreshing REM sleep more quickly and easily, while ensuring ideal comfort.

6. Get Him That Waterproof Speaker

Whether visiting a quiet lake or just staying at the hotel and taking a long, refreshing bath, your guy will want to enjoy his favorite tunes. A wireless waterproof speaker is perfect for that, and it can be a great item to bring along when they visit the beach or go hiking in a place where precipitation levels tend to be high. Portable speakers also make a great gift simply because they are lightweight and can be carried around easily in a basic backpack or suitcase. So, anyone flying out of town at short notice will definitely appreciate them.

7. Tackle Long Flights with a Neck Pillow

Experts say that guys need to avoid stress more because of their health. That’s precisely what modern neck pillows are for. If your boyfriend, husband or father loves to fly a lot, and especially if they just have to travel by plane a lot for their work, they will simply love you for buying them a high-quality neck pillow. Neck pillows ensure that the neck and shoulder area isn’t under too much strain and that any passenger stuck in a plane for more than 5 hours will be able to take a quick nap or relax with a movie without feeling tired or stressed out after the flight is over.

8. Reading Books in Style

The Amazon Kindle is still below $200, and there are also some other great tablets for storing and reading lots of quality books. Although you could consider getting your male friends or family members paperback editions of their favorite books, a quality book reader can store hundreds of books and doesn’t weigh as much as even one of them.

9. Handy Portable Chargers

It’s never a good idea to go on a long journey without a dependable portable charger (or two). This is especially true when your loved one is traveling through remote countryside areas where the nearest motel is hundreds of miles away, and they have to camp out in the wilderness. A good portable charger coupled with a solar cell charger can make all the difference in such situations; in fact, it can be a lifesaving asset in the unfortunate event that one gets stranded in the middle of nowhere.

10. A Fashionable Travel Jacket

 A lot of men don’t care about fashion too much, but even they will be able to appreciate a cool travel jacket if it’s presented to them as a gift. Although jackets tend to be a little higher priced than other clothing items, you’ll be surprised to find out how many brands offer high-quality travel jackets under $200, and can deliver them to your doorstep in record time. We recommend a sleek Eddie Bauer jacket for travelers tackling bad weather, or one of the arctic quilt lined coats from Carhartt.

11. The Lensball

Is the person you’re buying your gift for passionate about photography? Then the Lensball is a great choice for a unique gift that they’ll probably fall in love with right away. This item is similar to a crystal ball, and presents photographers with a whole new dimension for shooting wide-angle photographs. A popular new accessory, the Lensball is way cheaper than our $200 limit, and can also be used creatively as a prop for travel blogs, as well as just an intriguing conversation piece to bring along to casual events and conferences.

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