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Going to Turkey in September! Am so excited and this is a great round up of some of the places we could go, given our different personalities. :)

Turkey has become incredibly popular among all kinds of holidaymakers in recent years, but whenever I think about taking a break in the country I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the choice on offer as there are just so many resorts to pick from.

While I've been researching where to go, I've discovered there is a lot of variety between the destinations on Turkey's Turquoise Coast, so I've put together a brief guide to some of the options.


Best for... families


At the other end of the spectrum you've got Icmeler, which I think looks excellent for families. This peaceful coastal town has a wonderful promenade running along the back of the beach that's very pushchair-friendly. The beach itself has numerous cafes and restaurants close by, so you're never far from amenities when you're out with the kids, while the sea here is calm and safe for swimming in.

The town as a whole is quite peaceful and has some delightful cobbled streets and older buildings that make you feel like you've discovered a corner of authentic Turkey.

Best for... party-goers


Hisaronu is one of the newer resorts on the Turquoise Coast and it has developed a reputation as being something of a party town. As a result, it tends to attract a younger crowd, while the nearby Oludeniz is a great place to visit if you're keen to get active.

In terms of the nightlife in Hisaronu, there is a lot of choice, with plenty of bars and clubs to suit everyone. Some of the main watering holes include Aloha, Zombie, Hakuna Matata and the Grand Boozey. Many of these are open until the early hours of the morning, so you can dance the night away if you want to.

Best for... nature lovers


Dalyan is a bit more unusual than the other Turkish resorts in that it's not actually on the coast - it's set a little way inland on the banks of the Dalyan River. What particularly appeals to me about this town is its natural and undeveloped setting, as well as its proximity to some outstanding historical sites.

The closest beach to Dalyan is Iztuzu, which is an amazing sweep of sand that's protected because it's a nesting site for the rare loggerhead turtle. To reach it, you have to take a river taxi through a vast area of wetland, which is home to a host of birds, while you may see freshwater turtles floating in the waterway itself. I mentioned historical sites earlier and there are two in particular near Dalyan - right above the town are Lycian rock tombs cut into the cliff and a short walk away are the ruins of Caunos.

Best for... those on a budget


Although there's accommodation to suit all budgets on the Turquoise Coast, Ovacik is ideal for a cheap holiday to Turkey because of its rural location. That said, it's within easy reach of the beautiful lagoon at Oludeniz and if you fancy a lively evening, you won't have far to go to Hisaronu either.

There are also some lovely local restaurants where you can try delicious Turkish food at affordable prices, so I think Ovacik is also a good option for anyone who wants to experience a more authentic side of the country's culture.

Best for... couples


My final choice is a great one for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Orhaniye is a traditional village where development is severely restricted, which means it's a really charming place to visit.

There's also a sandbank running across the bay and, what's more, there's even a local legend relating to this feature that suggests love can conquer all. According to this story, a young girl wanted to meet her lover on the other side of the bay so she used to hide sand in the hems of her clothes and tried to fill the bay with sand so she could just walk across.

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