Your Seven Day Tour of Singapore: What You Shouldn't Miss

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We have been to Singapore 3 times, it is one of our favourite destinations to visit from our old home in Perth, Australia. If you get the chance to go, go. We love it! 

The Republic of Singapore is immensely beautiful. It is a multi-cultural location with a heavily Chinese population, but many other cultures call the republic home, too. Singapore has a strong Malay culture, and plenty of Eurasian elements, too. Considered by some to be a strict city-state, its laws can be harsher than most people are used to. That doesn't necessarily make it a poor choice for holidays; in fact, it makes it somewhat beneficial for those travelling with children. The area is largely safe in today's quickly changing world, and has plenty to keep families busy during a week-long holiday. With plenty of excellent accommodations and beautiful hotels in Singapore, there’s almost always somewhere to stay. Use this handy list of things to see to ensure that you enjoy all the best of Singapore's beauty.

Day One - Take a Sightseeing Tour

If you are coming all the way from Australia, you may want to plan an extra day to rest when you land and get settled, and make this day two. Otherwise, taking one of the excellent guided sightseeing tours is a great way to see the main city at a surface level. Guided tours aren't difficult to find. Simply ask through your hotel, or contact Duck Tours before you go. Make sure to bring a camera, a bottle of water, comfortable sneakers, and a notepad to jot down locations you want to see again before you leave. Save time at the end of the day for simply wandering around the city.


Day Two - Visit the Animals of Singapore

The animals of Singapore await in the Singapore Zoo and on the amazing Night Safari. This is full day's worth of activities, so be sure that you plan accordingly. For the smallest of children, it may be advisable to ask your hotel for a pram as there is quite a bit of walking on this portion.

The Singapore Zoo itself is a rainforest zoo that has been built as close to a true habitat as is possible, while still catering to the needs of zookeepers. You'll find lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, and many other exotic species here. The zoo also has a flight-capable rainforest biodome available; this is like stepping into a real rainforest, and shouldn't be missed.

The Night Safari is also held in the zoo itself, but it only begins at the end of dusk. This is an amazing experience for older children. It gives the feeling of the jungle at night, and allows you catch glimpses of the animals that you might not otherwise see during the day.

Day Three -  Jurong Bird Park

This is another rainforest like habitat, but it focuses only on birds. Built onto Jurong Hill itself, it is managed by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore. It is considered to be a sanctuary, and has several rarer bird species. It's an excellent way to extend the previous day with more animal-related fun. Several bird shows are held each day, allowing little ones to get up close and personal with the birds.


Day Four and Five - Explore the Sentosa Islands

Sentosa Island has so much to offer that it's worth taking two days to explore. This beautiful island is a tropical paradise, and hotels and spas exist should you want to stay right on the island. While there, you'll want to visit at least the following:

  • Underwater world
  • Songs of the Seas
  • Images of Singapore
  • Luge
  • 4D Cineblast
  • Tiger Sky Tower
  • Fort Siloso
  • Cable Car
  • Maritime Museum
  • Port of Lost Wonder

Staying on Sentosa Island is also possible, should you wish to extend your experience; a number of resorts call the islands home.


Day Six - Shopping

After the exploration of the previous days, it's nice to settle in for some good, old-fashioned shopping. You'll want to explore all of the following areas to score the most unique items and prices:

  • Little India
  • Orchard Road
  • Chinatown

If you have time afterward, consider it free time to explore the city. Be sure to ask at your hotel for recommendations, as many of the hotel staff members will know the lesser-thought-of shopping locations.

Day Seven - Universal Studios

This is a great way to round off your trip! Universal Studios has all of the usual characters you'd expect to see, like the Minions and Shrek's gang. You'll explore places like Far Far Away, Sci-Fi land, and Madagascar, each of which is mocked up to give the feel of exploring the associated movies. It's truly a wonderful experience that shouldn't be missed. For extended trips, you can stay right in the resort on the grounds for an additional four or five days. 

Paul loves vacation time and in recent years has found the more the merrier. He now makes sure at least once a year the extended family travel together. Paul loves to read about paradise life and dreams of becoming a pro-surfer. 

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