Singapore Arrival: Festive Hotel & Things To Do On Sentosa Island

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Where do I start? We had 4 days in this glorious country and it was not enough, even though we have been twice before.  I guess we should start at the very beginning, that’s always a good place to start…


Bali Airport

What an unusual experience we had leaving the airport this time around. While waiting in our Air Asia queue the lights from the whole airport went out. Then on, then out, then on, then out. Granted the line was a lot longer than anticipated and we barely had time to grab breakfast before we were on our less than 2-hour flight to Singapore.  Remember when leaving Bali everyone over 2 (that is paying for a seat) has to pay 150,000 Rp (approx. $16), you must have the cash, otherwise you will find it very stressful trying to locate an ATM to make a last minute withdrawal. 

The Flight

Bali to Singapore, watch a tv show, eat some chips. Oh we are here, yay!

Singapore Airport

What a gorgeous airport. They have little lockers where you can put your phone in and take the key. It charges it for free while you walk around! So cool. They have travelators for the long hallway walks, the kids loved these, and you feel like you have super speed. Food and shops, Internet and pools, TV lounges, kids play areas, a bathroom with a massive window view of the planes on the tarmac. If you get a chance stay for a while or come early before your flight, it’s a treasure trove! But out the doors and into a taxi straight to Sentosa for $45 Australian Dollars and yes he took the Australian Dollars.

Festive Hotel

Our arrival at the Festive Hotel was delayed by some hold up at the check-in counter, but once it was my turn, it was quick and we were on our way. Our last visit to this hotel we received a free upgrade to the family room so we knew what we were in for. This time around after our gorgeous holiday homes in Bali and this room costing us the same in one month’s rent for 4 nights, I had to say I was a little bit disappointed. But that is a hotel for you.

The location is brilliant though and you have free use of the other hotel amenities too. So the Hard Rock Hotel breakfast and pool are a must.

The rooms have bright flowers and bold colours. There is a loft bed and sofa bed in one room and the super soft gorgeous King bed in the other. A balcony, a bathroom, complimentary water, toothbrushes, etc.

Like any hotel, and especially after living two months in Bali, the room service is expensive, but there is a plethora of restaurants at your front door step.

Bread Talk was our local breakfast spot, it’s down the stairs and out in the open-air Festive Walk. The amazing part is you take these escalators down, down, down. The area is air-conditioned and dark. There is soothing bird and whale sounds and TV’s that form an archway over your head about 4 times in a row playing flying birds, swimming fishes, fireballs, etc. Apparently created by the same guy who made the largest TV in the world on Freemont Street in Vegas.  You will have to see it to believe it, because photos don’t do it justice and it is simply gorgeous. The kid’s wanted to go that way every time.


Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is Singapore’s Playground. It has numerous attractions. You can get there via Cable Car (expensive), Monorail ($3 Singapore Dollars, great price), Walk or Drive. As you can see when my 3 year old laid eyes on the entrance she knew she was going to be a Princess for the next few days! 


Part of Sentosa is Resorts World (RWS), which has numerous resorts to choose from such as Festive Hotel, Hard Rock, etc. The Festive Hotel is around $250 a night for a family room (cheaper if you have the reward card, see below.) It’s very family orientated. The kids got a neat little welcome bag with toothbrushes and toys that they loved. Hard Rock hotel has the most amazing buffets (again cheaper with the reward card) and the pool is amazing. It is a beach style pool with a sand entrance and sand bottom. Well one of the pools is anyway; we didn’t swim in the other 3 or 4. The kid’s pool has a slide and other fun water things as well. They also have a Kids Club, which is about $6 an hour for 3 year olds and up.

Apart from the awesome resorts there is also Universal Studios, restaurants, shops, and lots more. It’s a magical place, like Disneyland. Highly touristy, but so worth it for all the fun you can have.  

Some of the attractions on Sentosa that we didn’t get around to this trip, but have done previously (before children):

Beaches – gorgeous beaches with crystal clear water. It is so worth it trying to find a day just to sit on the beach and lap up the breath-taking atmosphere. You can also visit the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.

Butterfly Park – haven’t seen this.

MegaZip Adventure – huge zip line, haven’t tried.

Skyline Luge Sentosa – Ride down a large hill on a toboggan, this is great fun and kids over a certain height can go on this one. Link this with the smaller cable car back up the hill, lots of fun and great views.

The Merlion – worth a look once. It’s a giant mermaid/lion statue that you can climb up inside and see views from his mouth. One of those ‘must do once’ tourist things.

Underwater World & Dolpin Lagoon – we haven’t visited the underwater world, but last time we were here we went and checked out the PINK dolphins. I even got to go swim with one, picked out of the crowd, they are beautiful.

Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure – this was my husband’s life long dream. Him & I on a Segway, touring Sentosa Island. You find muscles you never knew were there, but it’s fun and unforgettable.

iFly Singapore – Skydiving indoors, haven’t got around to this rather expensive opportunity, but it’s on the list.

Port of Lost Wonder – a water themed pirate ship for kids, see blog.

Songs of the Sea – this show is over the water using lasers and water and fireworks. It is a great show and if your kids are able to stay awake, I would highly recommend. In line with this there are several other great shows within Resorts World that I would also recommend, such as the Crane Dance & The Lake of Dreams.

Wave House Sentosa – ride the waves in front of a crowd.

Universal Studios – the new Transformers Ride is unreal. And if you have toddlers or young kids highly recommend the Express pass. Read Blog.

Candylicious – a chocolate and lolly store where out on the street fake lolly trees grace the entrance. A canopy of lollies and candy draws one in like a bee to honey. Giant M&M’s, Hershey Bars and Jelly Beans stand ready with hugs for children and adults alike. Yes, it’s like a kid in a candy store even for you. All flavours and colours of M&M’s, all types of lollies, all types of fun. We didn’t buy one thing in here, but the kids had fun pretending they were going to buy everything and the look on their faces was priceless. Just let them grab a lolly and shop around, even if you do come away with nothing.


Genting Rewards

On our last trip to Singapore we signed up for some random card with the promise of discounts. We didn’t really use it, but it was free and fairly easy to do on the island at a stall.

Coming back the price I was getting online for Festive Hotel of $350 Singapore Dollars was discounted to $280 Singapore Dollars once they knew I had the card, bonus!

RWS Invites

On top of that they now have a further card called RWS Invites. To get this card you will need to have a Singapore address, or someone willing to lend you theirs. Again the process was easy, they sit you down in air-conditioned room with a beverage and some cookies, fill in a quick form and bobs-your-uncle you have a new discount card with a promotional gift. There were 3 to choose from and the day we got this card we choose the first gift, which was 2 tickets to Universal Studios, including an Universal Express Pass on the 5 biggest rides, cause that was where we were headed. The card cost $150, however that was cheaper than the Universal tickets. You also get a welcome goody bag and heaps of discounts. Buy-one-get-one-free in the restaurants. Buy-one-get-one-free kids club hour and loads more. Check them out.

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