What Can You Do In Just 3 Days In Tel Aviv?

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We visited Tel Aviv briefly in 2007 and spent a few short hours in Jaffa so I was excited to be heading back, this time for a bit longer. Here’s a brief overview of the things we did in Tel Aviv that you might also enjoy.

Dinosaur Fun

We left Jerusalem around midday and it was only a little more than an hour before we arrived at our first stop – the Dinosaur Exhibit. This was held in an outdoor Science Museum much like Sci-Tech back in Perth, Australia. And the kids actually enjoyed the weathered science pieces more then the dinosaurs. I think I had more fun with the animatronic dinosaurs then they did.

It was a hot day and we powered through fairly fast before stopping for a short art-and-craft time for Mia, while Caius played in a nearby sand pit. Mist sprays around the park provided some pleasant relief, but something like this really needs to be indoors and air-conditioned to enjoy in an Israeli summer. 

Jaffa Port

Jaffa is as old as it comes, believed to be the Biblical place where Jonah ran from God’s will and was eventually swallowed by a large fish. It has come a long way since there and is host to some delightful beaches and yummy restaurants. We spent one evening here strolling the port and one day on the beach.



There are so many markets in Tel Aviv to choose from. We only managed to visit one out of the many, Carmel Market, and that was colourful, aromatic and vibrant.



Tel Aviv has beaches. Lots of beaches. And on a weekend these beaches are packed. On a Saturday afternoon we stopped by the Tel Aviv Port and were amazed by the crowd. The beach has an outdoor gym so you can pump your guns, a kids playground, and even a free portable library. It also sported enough people hiding under their umbrellas from the scorching sun and I’m sure it would be some kind of Guinness World Record.

We had a short play on the playground before deciding that returning during the week would be more sensible.


HaTachana Train station

Built in 1892 as the terminus for the Jaffa-Jerusalem railway, it didn’t have much use after the railway closed and the site fell into disrepair. It has now been refurbished into a very hip plaza with boutique shops, cafes and classy restaurants. The transformation included refurbished rail cars, freight terminals and train tracks to nowhere. The kids loved playing on the old train that is open and easily accessible. And we enjoyed lunch at the famous Vicky Tapas & Wine Bar. 


There’s so much more to do in Tel Aviv, it’s hard to choose. But one thing is for sure – regardless of what you enjoy doing, you’ll find it in this remarkable city.

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