Our 1st Blogging Event @ Frontera

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I find it hard to say no to free things. Whether it is the age-old timeshare trick in Bali or just the sauce packets they give out with every meal in Asia (that’s right Rove, no paying for ketchup here!). But when it’s a free dinner, I cannot deny I get down right giddy and so, while I am trying to be as unbiased as possible, I must admit some biasness when trying free food.

Recently I mentioned the great service I had from Food Panda. While writing on their Facebook wall I mentioned I would blog about them. They immediately asked if I would like to be part of their blogging events, which I confirmed not thinking much of it. Within one week I had an invitation to 3 different dinners at 3 different restaurants. This is the tale of our very first blogging event.


Frontera Sol of Mexico. Somewhat tucked away for a foreigner like me, we finally found the place located up some stairs in a hip little courtyard full of other music pumping restaurants on Saturday night. At 7:30pm my husband and 2 children were met by the Owner of the restaurant and seated at a table with 3 other bloggers. People who actually attend functions like this several times a week. There were several other tables with bloggers, perhaps a sum of 20 in total. We were also introduced to some of the lovely team behind Food Panda and given a great little travel cutlery set with chopsticks, fork and spoon (I do not think I have seen a knife in Asia for quite sometime.)

Anyhow the meal consisted of a starters & sides buffet, followed by a choice of main course and then a dessert buffet. I can tell I was going to be bursting, but I tried to manage some self-control on seeing the amazing foods on offer at the starters buffet. Items I’d never heard of and of course the classics as well. Honestly this starter buffet could have been my whole meal.

I use to have a food blog before I started this travelling business and I use to have a favourite Mexican restaurant in Perth, but this was nothing I had been to before. I could only describe it as authentic and spicy. My lips tingled and my tummy the next day protested over the chili I had endeavored to feed it, but at the same time it was delicious. It was a crying shame I was full before the mains. Josh ordered a burrito; I ordered a chimichanga, mainly because the name was so awesome.


Both were massive servings and well prepared. The burrito was slightly dry and a bit too spicy for my likes, but the chimichanga was delicious even if I only managed 4 or 5 bites.

Dessert came out and Josh was a huge fan of the flan. I tried two desserts I had never had before and was delighted. My major disappointment was the absence of the churros, however, I had really been looking forward to that.


The conversation was great with the lifestyle Malaysian bloggers at our table and Josh spent the majority of the night quizzing them on what they did, how often they blog and how to convince me he needed a serious camera like the one’s these bloggers all had. My night was mostly dictated by keeping 2 very tired children amused and finally at 10pm I had to give up and beg Joshy to stop talking and take us home.

This restaurant was top notch. Not only is this restaurant amazing value for money with the buffet, main course and dessert only going to set you back at 50rm ($15) with free flow lemon tea, but really authentic. A great find in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia if you have a hankering for some real Mexican.

My kid’s verdict – “potato mash on buffet was yummy. Can I have another brownie? Wish I could have drawn on paper with some pencils.” There you go, an honest opinion from little people who have every meal free!

Selamat menjamu selera! 
(Please treat your appetite)

Note: I am not sure if you know what Ramadhan is? This is the ninth month of the lunar Islamic calendar, which lasts 29 or 30 days. Muslims fast and pray all day and can only eat prior to sunrise or after sunset. Thus this buffet becomes an after sunset meal to the hungry and they will not be hungry with this feast laid out before them. 


Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet

24 July - 18 Aug

6:30pm to 10:30pm

Adult 50RM, Kids 30RM, below 4 free.

12 starters: e.g. 
BBQ Wings, Taquitos de Pollo, Soup, Mini Tacos, Mini Tostadas, Bruchetta, Mexican Rice, Mash, Salad.

1 main course: e.g. 
Burgers, Enchiladas, Burritos, Chimichangas, Grilled Pineapple Chicken, Fish & Chips, Prawns & Salmon.

6 desserts: e.g. 
Mexican Flan, Brownies, Fruit Popsicles, Fiesta de Fruita, Churros, and Tres Leches Cake.

Free flow Lemon Tea

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Thanks for the interesting post.

Hope to see you all at Frontera soon.

Ramesh V

Ramesh Vadiveloo Jul 22nd, 2012

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