Blogging Dinner @ O'Briens & the Best Drink of my Life

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Update 2019: I can no longer recommend foodpanda. Their service has become terrible. Multiple problems over recent months like delayed deliveries, double credit card charges, random cancellations and the final straw, a driver couldn't find the address (even though I'd had multiple deliveries from the same restaurant just days prior). The customer support is terrible. They don't care about customers flat out. All I got was generic copy-and-paste messages with no thought. Avoid these people at all costs. And go with something better like Grab Food or Uber Eats. 

Round Two.

Our next blogging invite from foodpanda was a Wednesday night at Mid Valley Megamall.

We took the kids in early, as having been to the movies there previously with Josh we knew they were going to be very excited about the Mickey Mouse exhibit.

Getting to the mall was a mission and a half, again that 5:30pm time slot was just impossible. We finally reached it about quarter to 7. We grabbed some Bread History (similar to my all time favourite Bread Talk) and headed to the top level. 

I was right, the kid’s loved the Mickey Mouse display. They went around showing me their favourites and Josh and I did the same. You can see some of our favourites in the photo journal. We spent just over half an hour there before making our way downstairs to O’Briens for our Food Panda blogging event.

IMG_0856.jpgThe team at Food Panda is always so welcoming and generous. On arrival we got given a little goody bag with traveling cutlery, a lunch box, stickers, vouchers and more. I love me a goody bag! 

After we got comfy in our little booth, the place got packed out with other bloggers. During the course of the night we met and chatted to the Managing Director of Food Panda. An absolutely lovely Indian guy who sat down to chat to Josh extensively about his business & Josh's i.e. SEO, SEM, etc.

With over 1000 restaurants on board now, Food Panda has climbed a long way in 3 months. To celebrate out popped a Panda mascot. My kids loved him and ran for giant hugs, thinking that Poh from Kung Fu Panda had come for a visit. Adorable. And certainly great PR & Marketing techniques employed. I noticed many people stopping for a look to see what was happening at the private function in O'Briens, which is located in the centre of the mall.

IMG_0832.jpgMeanwhile O’Briens came around with platters of their famous sandwiches. My favourite had to be the O’Briens Chicken Triple-decker. This was not just a sandwich, it was a feast; fresh piece of chicken, lettuce, cheese, onion, coleslaw and tomato all in one giant sandwich.

We also tried the Chicken Slice and Cheddar Cheese on Shambo, Sundried Tomato on Hot Ciabatta, the brand new Chicken Curry, Mayonnaise & Grape, Mushroom Soup and some smoothies.

Every sandwich was delicious and while I never would have even contemplated putting grapes on a sandwich I was pleasantly surprised. I was not a fan of the Mushroom Soup, however my kids gobbled that down in seconds.

All this paled in comparison to their smoothies though. The Peach Blush consisted of peach, strawberry, banana, orange juice, frozen yoghurt & crushed ice. This has to be hands down the most delicious drink I have ever had in my life and I managed to down 3 while there, although I had to fight off both kids and husband! It had the perfect sweet combination of fruit & yoghurt, and was completely refreshing at the same time. The perfect combination with a delicious sandwich.

The staff were very courteous and the servings generous. While definitely not cheap in terms of money, the food is of such high quality that I would be happy to pay the price.


Smoothies 12 RM ($3.70 AUS)

Sandwich’s range from 9RM to 19RM (approx. $3 - $5 AUS)

Salads 14.50RM – 17.50 RM (approx. $4 – $5 AUS)

O’Brien’s also do delicious platters for parties at very reasonable prices and they also have some great combos that Food Panda will deliver to your door. Our favourite combo is Combo 8: Sundried Tomato on Hot Ciabatta & Classic Ceaser Salad + 2 cans = 35.99RM ($11 AUS). They also have combos for one, which include a drink.

Overall I would have to say it was a highly satisfying night. Josh overdosed on sandwich goodness. The kids are still raving on about the panda and I, I was glad to share an evening with fellow bloggers and our new friend Achman & the team at Food Panda.

O’Briens can be found all over Malaysia. We have one right here at The Curve & now you can have it delivered straight to your door. Grab a Triple-decker & Peach Blush today! I did. 

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