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5 Things To Do With Kids In Manila

There might not be too many things for little ones to see and do in Manila, but we did find some. We spent three weeks here and it was hard work to locate anything the kid's might enjoy. It was in the last few days that we struck the toddler goldmine.

1. Museo Pambata

A miniature world filled with things to touch and discover for little hands. There are several rooms for the kids to explore and entry was 100p each - $10 for 4 people. Spend the morning there and then cross the road for lunch. After lunch you can walk easily to number 2.

2. Children's Playground, Rizal Park

At 15 cents entry not much can beat this amazing playground. Really old school with no plastic, your kid’s will be delighted by the massive area and imagination of play. Caution: keep an eye on them; safety is not the number one priority here.

3. Corregidor

Our kids loved our day trip to Corregidor. The ferry ride, the awesome tram bus around the island and stopping frequently to jump out, run, play and discover. This one is also highly entertaining for the adults.

4. Indoor Playgrounds, SM MegaMall

There are indoor playgrounds everywhere, but the small ones at SM Megamall offer an hour or more of play for the littlies while you get some serious retail therapy. This one is set up like a little village and even had dress-ups. 

5. Tricycle Ride

Both our kids loved going in the sidecars of these motorbikes. A simple trip to the shops in one of these, over a taxi, makes a whole world of fun for a little one. In Boracay these cost just a few pesos and were the highlight of Mia's trip.


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