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5 Things To Do With Kids In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Mexico is a big place and I haven’t visited anywhere as much of it as I should have, so our top 5 is based around Playa Del Carmen where we lived for the month. Some of the trips will be simple day trips and some are right on the doorstep.

1. Xcaret

Nature’s playground. Here the kids can snorkel underground rivers, visit bird sanctuaries, release sea turtles into the ocean, eat buffets, visit an aquarium, watch a live theatre production and more. This is a day you might want to extend. A one-day ticket is $79.00, $39.50 for 5-year-old children, and free for 0 to 4 year olds. Discount available online. USD.


2. Cenotes

I fell in love with these beautiful natural phenomenon. While I adored each and everyone we visited, the most kid friendly was the Grand Cenote, which had a shallow beach-style area for the kids to wade in. Entry to the Grand Cenote: 100 pesos ($7.68AUD) each, kids free.


3. Ancient Mayan Ruins

Whether it was climbing 42 metre high pyramids in Coba or helping paint wood carvings at Chichen Itza – our kids loved the ruins. Ruins can be a fairly dull thing for kids, but enter a challenge or something out of the ordinary and they are having the time of their life. Costs vary depending on which one you are going to.


4. Beaches

The Caribbean beaches in Mexico are perfect. Blue water, white sand, excellent weather. The beach in Akumul is even more awesome as the kids can swim with wild sea turtles while you relax under leaning palm trees. What kid doesn’t love the beach? Free.


5. Wet N Wild

The parents and the kids will love this all-inclusive water park. If the kids are hungry the ticket includes all you can eat and drink. A great day sliding around and the bumper boats are super fun. Adults are $49, children ages 3 and up are $43.


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